Cartan Capital Invests in Proto Hologram

The venture capital firm founded by Cici Bellis continues its funding of disruption in the sports and health tech sectors with an investment in the hologram innovator active in all major league sports and across the healthcare industry

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proto Inc. announced today that Cartan Capital has joined its latest investment round. The venture capital firm known for its support for innovation in sports and health technology is led by Founder and Managing Partner Cici Bellis, known for her career in professional tennis as well as sports broadcasting and venture capital. 

"We at Cartan are extremely bullish about Proto's tech, and think it could transform the way we communicate in the near future,” said Bellis.

Cartan Capital's CiCi Bellis has joined Proto Hologram's current fundraising round.

Proto is the original, patented creator of hologram devices and the platform that makes holoportation a reality. Executives, athletes, celebrities, teachers and doctors are beaming around the globe using Proto for meaningful interactive experiences every day.

“Cartan Capital and Cici Bellis have very quickly established an influence at this intersection of sports and health innovation,” said Doug Barry, Co-Founder and CFO of Proto Inc. “We’re proud to have them as partners as we continue to expand Proto’s hologram and AI products and services.”

Proto is the original maker of hologram devices including the world's first hologram AI avatar, ProtoBot.

Though the company’s technology is in use by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, museums, conventions, hospitals, and across the entertainment industry, the sports world has been especially interested in Proto from the start. The NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS have all used Proto for events, and the technology has also been used at the Army vs. Navy NCAA football game, F1 racing, the U.S. Open, Australian Open and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. CBS Sports HQ has used Proto in its Super Bowl coverage and TrillerTV (formerly known as FITE) used Proto to beam boxer Manny Pacquiao from Seoul to Los Angeles. 

Proto has previously received backing from tech pioneer Tim Draper (Tesla, CoinDesk, Skype, Twitch), Mike Walsh (Uber), True Capital Management and Christie’s Ventures. Athlete investors in Proto include Brittany Griner, Marshawn Lynch, Robert Griffin III, and Albert Pujols. Notable investor / advisors also include Howie Mandel, Paris Hilton, Quavo and Lil Wayne. The company closed its $12M Series A round in November of 2021. 

Proto partnered with TrillerTV to beam boxing legend Manny Pacquiao live from South Korea to Los Angeles. (Photo by Steven Hong).

The Anaheim Ducks live beamed their draft pick Leo Carlsson live from the NHL Draft in Nashville to California. (Photo by Steven Hong).

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About Cartan Capital: Cartan Capital is an early stage venture capital firm with a mission to identify and invest in high-potential startups in the sports and health tech industries. More information at:

About Proto Inc.: Proto is the original, patented hologram device and the platform that makes holoportation a reality. The Los Angeles-based company is active in enterprise, entertainment, education, healthcare, retail and more, and distributes the large Proto Epic, the smaller Proto M, and its hologram AI Protobot globally from showrooms in New York, London, Dubai, Seoul and beyond. More info at 


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