Burpee Gardening Sparks Joy With 2024 Seed Varieties

New and Improved Flowers and Vegetables Delight Home Gardeners

Gaillardia 'Golden Beauty'_Cropped

WARMINSTER, Pa., Jan. 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Burpee Gardening is making gardening more bountiful and more beautiful than ever with the unveiling of an exciting line-up of new varieties for 2024. Gardeners will be enticed by the dozens of groundbreaking choices that offer fresh colors, rare tastes, and a more rewarding experience.

All new varieties have been evaluated in real conditions by Burpee’s team of horticulture pros at historic Fordhook Farm in Doylestown, PA. They also meet Burpee's industry-leading quality standards, so gardeners can grow them with confidence.

Here are just a few of the standouts that gardeners will be eagerly planting this season.

Sweet Corn 'Ultra Violet' Hybrid

‘Ultra Violet’ Hybrid Corn: The source that introduced yellow sweet corn to American gardens now offers the world's first truly sweet purple corn. ‘Ultra Violet' delivers the sugary satisfaction of sweet corn with stunning dark violet kernels on solid, 8-inch-long ears. Burpee Exclusive.

Gaillardia 'Golden Beauty'_Closeup_2

‘Golden Beauty’ Gaillardia: The plump, double flower clusters of 'Golden Beauty' bloom abundantly, and relentlessly, until frost. The exotic all-yellow variety stands tall on sturdy, 2-foot-high stems and it is exceptionally drought-tolerant. Burpee Exclusive.

Sunflower 'Desire Red'_Habit_cropped_2

‘Desire Red’ Hybrid Sunflower: The deep, bold colors of 'Desire Red' bring uncommon drama to flower beds and containers. The wine-red petals emerge from a burgundy center disk and the stems sport a dark hue, too. Developed by the Burpee breeding program.

Potato ''Makah Ozette'_Culinary_Cropped_2

‘Makah Ozette’ Potato: This potato comes with a story about a Native American heirloom that's not widely grown or known. Even better, 'Makah Ozette' has a deliciously high ratio of ultra-flavorful skin to fluffy, nutty flesh, making it a new favorite of our research gardeners. Burpee Exclusive.


‘Mission Giant Orange’ Hybrid Marigold: Burpee, known for decades as the source for the best marigold varieties, is bringing gardeners a huge new star. 'Mission Giant Orange' has tight clusters of 3-inch bright, orange-yellow blooms on 2- to 3-foot-tall stems. They can hold up the back line of a flower border and look striking in vases. Burpee Exclusive.

Morning Glory 'Tutu'_Habit

‘TuTu’ Morning Glory: Gardeners can add a new dimension to their landscapes with this glorious climbing vine. The flowers of 'TuTu' have ruffled pink petals that are semi-double, and they deliver a big pop of flower power from early summer until frost. Burpee Exclusive.

For a complete list of new vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit, and gardening supplies for 2024, visit www.burpee.com/new-for-2024.

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The recognized leader and trailblazer in American home gardening, Burpee offers a full range of high-quality non-GMO plants, seeds, and supplies suited for all growing zones. Established as W. Atlee Burpee Company in 1876, Burpee provides gardeners with high-quality seeds and plants of proven performance, including organics, heirlooms, and exceptional new varieties. Burpee is home to the original ‘Iceberg’ lettuce (1894), the first white marigold (1976) and the biggest beefsteak tomato ever bred (2014).

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