Institutional Investors’ Enthusiasm Grows for Innovative Private Equity Fund

Investors with deep pockets seek refuge in GDP Capital’s PE-BOND Fund amidst turbulent markets

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed unprecedented economic turmoil, resulting in contracting markets and dwindling returns worldwide.

Private Equity and other investment sectors find themselves navigating an exceptionally challenging and unpredictable landscape. In an environment with limited profitable opportunities, preserving dry powder appears to be a prudent choice. An alternative, however, has emerged—a haven for investors with substantial resources.

Private Equity and other investment sectors are operatingin challenging and unpredictable environments today

Private Equity and other investment sectors are operating
in challenging and unpredictable environments today

Introducing GDP Capital's PE-BOND Fund LP, one of Private Equity's latest offerings poised to make waves on the international stage. In today's dismal or negative return environment, this fund has the potential to significantly enhance your return on investment while offering a sense of security.

GDP Capital's investment structure is nothing short of unique, possibly the first of its kind. Here's why it stands out:

  • A Private Equity structure fortified with the security of a bond.
  • Investments are channelled into government-approved projects.
  • Capital invested is backed by government guarantees and repaid within a 10-year horizon.
  • GDP Capital secures equity in the involved companies and their respective projects, each contributing dividend.

The Fund mandates a minimum commitment above US$25 million, making it ideally suited for Sovereign Wealth Funds, Retirement Funds, Institutional Investors, Endowments, Insurance Companies, Banks, Family Offices, and major investment firms.

A Balance of High Returns and Capital Safety:

"While structuring the fund, we overcame numerous hurdles to satisfy governmental, legal, regulatory, and investor requirements. After two years of meticulous development, potential investors are displaying keen interest," commented Gurmit S. Sidhu, the founder and Managing Director of GDP Capital Limited, on the fund and its offerings.

With an adept team comprising tax and legal advisors, investment bankers, and political analysts, GDP Capital Limited stands ready to support top-tier investors in surpassing their investment objectives.

This unique investment Fund, set to launch in January 2024, is spearheaded by GDP Capital Limited, a Private Equity Fund Manager incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC).

GDP PE-BOND Fund LP represents an extraordinary opportunity for investors seeking capital safety and accelerated returns.

Explore the Merits Further:

Astute investors who recognize the benefits offered by GDP Capital may wish to delve deeper into its merits. For additional details, please visit:

About GDP Capital Limited:

GDP Capital Limited is a Private Equity Fund Manager incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC). The firm collaborates with stable and investor-friendly governments seeking funding for priority projects to expedite economic development and achieve real GDP growth.

Funding is extended for viable and strategically significant government projects contributing to sustainable economic growth. While initially focusing on Asia, the company has expansion plans for other global regions. Given the substantial funding requirements of governments, GDP Capital provides institutional investors with the assurance of government guarantees, facilitating investments ranging from US$100 million to US$1 billion.

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