Apiiro and Akamai Launch Technical Alliance to Deliver Code-to-Runtime API Security

NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apiiro today announced a technical alliance with Akamai to provide customers with continuous, code-to-runtime API security. The first-of-its-kind integration combines the strengths of Apiiro’s code-based API inventory and “shift-left” API security with Akamai’s runtime API security and threat protection, providing joint customers with a proactive and comprehensive API security solution.

Akamai API Security provides a complete enterprise-wide view into customers’ API estate with continuous API network traffic monitoring and advanced API threat detection using AI and behavioral analytics to prevent business logic attacks.

As part of its application security posture management (ASPM) platform, Apiiro provides deep and continuous code analysis to detect new and material changes to APIs and surface weaknesses before they’re committed or deployed.

Together, these solutions deliver API security insights from development to runtime, enabling joint customers to:

  1. Enrich runtime API alerts with code-based context and API weaknesses in code with runtime context for improved prioritization based on business risk and reduced time spent triaging findings.
  2. Tie runtime API risks detected by Akamai to their root cause in code and code owner detected and identified by Apiiro to reduce the mean time to remediation (MTTR) of critical API risks.
  3. Create risk-based developer guardrails leveraging enriched context to prevent critical API risks from getting into production to help developers proactively improve the security posture of the organization.

"APIs are the backbone of modern applications, and securing APIs requires a full-lifecycle, risk-based approach," said Idan Plotnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Apiiro. "By combining insights gleaned from Apiiro’s deep code analysis with the runtime API security insights provided by Akamai API Security, we can give customers the context they need to prioritize, remediate, and prevent the API risks that matter.”

“With API threats becoming more complex, it demands a sophisticated, multi-layered defense strategy," said Rupesh Chokshi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Application Security at Akamai. "Our alliance with Apiiro is a strategic response to this challenge, ensuring that security teams and developers can work together effectively in tackling these API challenges.”

Apiiro’s integration with Akamai API Security unifies API risk visibility, prioritization, and remediation across the development lifecycle, empowering application and cloud security teams to work collaboratively to reduce risk within this fast-growing attack surface.

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About Apiiro
Apiiro empowers application security and development teams from companies like Morgan Stanley, Rakuten, SoFi, and Colgate to unify their application risk visibility, prioritization, assessment, and remediation to save time triaging security findings and fixing real risks so they can deliver secure applications to the cloud. The company is backed by Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, and General Catalyst.

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Akamai powers and protects life online. Leading companies worldwide choose Akamai to build, deliver, and secure their digital experiences — helping billions of people live, work, and play every day. Akamai Connected Cloud, a massively distributed edge and cloud platform, puts apps and experiences closer to users and keeps threats farther away. Learn more about Akamai’s cloud computing, security, and content delivery solutions at akamai.com and akamai.com/blog, or follow Akamai Technologies on X, formerly Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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