LandAirSea Debuts Prototype for the Automotive Industry at NADA Show 2024

PlateLocate Provides New Solution for Lost Dealer Plates, Inventory Management, Improved Dealership Experience and More

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  LandAirSea Systems, a leader in designing and building advanced GPS tracking technology for fleet management, professional vehicles, dealerships, asset tracking and more, will debut a prototype of the “LandAirSea PlateLocate” at the NADA Show 2024, further expanding its suite of products and services aimed at helping dealerships and dealer service organizations.

The launch of PlateLocate is the latest product to be introduced among LandAirSea’s total portfolio of GPS tracking devices and software, including the LandAirSea 54, LandAirSea SYNC OBD and LandAirSea OverDrive. All devices feature GPS and 4G LTE technology to monitor the real-time location of anything, anywhere. While the LandAirSea 54, SYNC OBD and OverDrive provide a universal application, the PlateLocate is specifically designed to elevate dealership experience, improve dealership inventory management and tracking while mitigating lost or stolen dealer plates.

As a NADA Show 2024 exhibitor, LandAirSea invites attendees to visit Booth 6545N from Friday, February 2, to Sunday, February 4, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees will learn more about PlateLocate and discover how LandAirSea’s GPS trackers can improve multiple facets of the automotive industry, particularly when it comes to dealership security and inventory management.

The LandAirSea PlateLocate allows users to easily track every dealer-registered license plate they own. When used in conjunction with the LandAirSea Synchronize™ platform, the PlateLocate can monitor each tagged vehicle across a dealership’s inventory via mobile phone or desktop. Ultra-compact and purpose driven design, inspired by the LandAirSea 54, the PlateLocate has been engineered as a sleek, efficient solution that affixes seamlessly to dealer license plates.

"For nearly three decades, LandAirSea has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the automotive industry with cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions. Our pursuit of innovation has led to the creation of the PlateLocate, a groundbreaking addition poised to become the standard in tracking dealer plates," said LandAirSea CEO Greg Jacobson. "Meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of car dealerships, this product not only marks a shift in automotive technology but solidifies LandAirSea as the undisputed leader in the market. LandAirSea is in the business of helping car dealers and we are thrilled to unveil our newest tool for them at NADA, the premier automotive industry event of the year."

LandAirSea’s PlateLocate and other tracking devices provide real-time location tracking, with updates as frequent as every second. LandAirSea's Synchronize Application integrates all LandAirSea devices with the dealership's DMS, which combines tracking data with important vehicle information like VIN, make, model, color, vehicle images and value. Through Synchronize's bulk alerts and easily downloadable reports on current inventory and past vehicles, LandAirSea provides reliable, real-time location information that every dealership needs. As opposed to having various applications for different purposes, the LandAirSea Synchronize system consolidates everything within one application, providing dealerships with comprehensive tracking capabilities on a unified platform and now dealer plates can be tracked as easily as vehicles.

Features and heightened benefits of the LandAirSea PlateLocate include:

  • All-in-One Solution: From loss and/or theft prevention to inventory management and employee accountability, the Synchronize App ensures that every aspect of dealership operations is covered under one application. Simplify, streamline, and secure with Synchronize.
  • Streamlined Dealership Operations: Dealerships can seamlessly manage every vehicle and every plate within the Synchronize App and receive text and email geofence alerts, speed alerts, fence alerts and battery alerts.
  • Real-Time Tracking: To prevent the loss of dealer plates, utilize the PlateLocate’s real-time tracking to locate plates instantly, avoiding potential license revocation.
  • Synchronize Platform Integration: The PlateLocate seamlessly integrates with the Synchronize platform, providing dealerships with a comprehensive inventory management solution. From tracking vehicle location to monitoring battery levels, all operations are accessible with a click of a button.
  • Unmatched Battery Life: Reliable, extended battery life and tracking accuracy through the device’s built-in accelerometer which detects motion and powers the device on/off depending on whether the tracker is moving.
  • Reliable, Trusted Product Made in the USA: Proudly made in the USA from domestic and imported parts, a leader in consumer and enterprise GPS tracking gear since 1994.

Each aspect of the LandAirSea devices has been honed to perfection throughout the past 30 years, firmly establishing it as the premier choice for the automotive industry as well as business, personal and recreational use. From vehicles and commercial fleets to ecommerce packages, LandAirSea provides real-time location tracking for anything, anywhere. Businesses and consumers can be assured of peace of mind, knowing they are using the most powerful and trusted tracking solution available today.

About LandAirSea Systems:
LandAirSea designs and builds GPS tracking devices and software for fleet management, professional vehicles, dealerships, asset tracking and more. Each product monitors the location of anything, anywhere in real-time. Founded in 1994, the company launched the Flight-Trac GPS tracking solution in 1996, to track the time, position, speed and altitude of small aircrafts. In 1999, the company began offering its first vehicle tracking unit – the GPS Tracking Key. Today, the product portfolio consists of general purpose tracking devices such as the LandAirSea 54, LandAirSea OverDrive and the LandAirSea SYNC OBD device for car telematics. All devices feature GPS and 4G LTE technology. LandAirSea's Synchronize Application integrates with the dealership's DMS, which easily accesses important vehicle information like VIN, make, model, color, vehicle images and price. Through Synchronize's bulk alerts and easily downloadable reports on current inventory and past vehicles, LandAirSea provides reliable, real-time location information that every dealership needs.

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