Armstrong International Announces New Nanobubble Generator as Solution for Scale Build-Up in Hot Water Systems

Patent-pending technology for mineral deposition on pipework and critical equipment is the latest addition to Armstrong’s Armada™ hot water ecosystem for healthy hot water

THREE RIVERS, Mich., Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Armstrong International, a global leader in efficient thermal energy solutions, today announced the launch of its latest product, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator, a patent-pending technology developed specifically to address mineral deposition on pipework and critical equipment within industrial process and commercial/institutional hot water systems.

The Armstrong Nanobubble Generator transforms existing non-condensable gases naturally present in the water into an abundance of nanoscopic bubbles through a static, side stream application. The nanobubbles flow throughout the hot water system, naturally removing existing deposits and inhibiting the formation of scale, without adding anything to the water.

“This technology is going to revolutionize the way industries manage their hot water systems,” said Patricia Provot, President, Armstrong International – The Americas. “Whether used on a heat exchanger or strategically placed within the hot water piping infrastructure, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator significantly reduces scale and prevents equipment degradation, improving the overall health of the hot water system, driving operational efficiencies and leading to a smaller carbon footprint.”

Easily installed, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator has no moving parts and requires no maintenance or additional electrical inputs. Armstrong Nanobubble Generator use results in a cleaner, healthier hot water system, significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing equipment maintenance costs.

The new product is the latest addition to Armstrong’s Armada℠ Digital Hot Water Solution. Created to address critical elements of an effective water safety management plan, Armada℠ features a variety of Armstrong's hot water products to provide best-in-class infection control, scald protection, compliance, and sustainability—from mechanical room to point of use. Custom Armada℠ solutions may include Armstrong water heaters, The Brain® Digital Recirculating Valves, Sense™ hands-free digital water temperature controls, SAGE® monitoring and reporting software, and now the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator. As Part of Armada℠, the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator supports sustainability.

“Our industry-leading Armada℠ hot water ecosystem of solutions is designed to aid in the creation of a healthy hot water environment,” said Brian Armstrong, Director of Armstrong Hot Water Group. “Our new Armstrong Nanobubble Generator was developed specifically to address mineral deposition on pipework and critical equipment within industrial process commercial/institutional hot water systems.”

Armstrong Nanobubble Generators can be easily added to any commercial, industrial or institutional hot water system, including in hospitals, universities, hotels, and manufacturing and processing plants. For more information on the Armstrong Nanobubble Generator and Armada℠, please visit us at


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