University of Georgia Collective Classic City and other Top Schools' Collectives Choose Basepath as NIL Operations Software

NIL collectives provide NIL opportunities to student-athletes using donations from fans and alumni

Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Basepath, the leading NIL operations software provider for collectives, universities, and student-athletes, has added new partners to their customer list of over 50 collectives, agencies and athletic departments across the nation. New collectives include top tier football programs such as Classic City Collective supporting University of Georgia (UGA) athletes.

“Basepath’s NIL athlete operations software is a game changer that helps our student-athletes excel both on and off the field,” said Chief Operating Officer of Rising Spear, Will Cowen. 

With users like University of Mississippi’s The Grove Collective, Florida State University’s Rising Spear Collective and University of Louisville’s 502Circle Foundation, Basepath’s platform supports student-athletes and collectives with tools for seamless contract management, financial reporting, and content distribution. By alleviating administrative burdens, student-athletes can focus more on their sports and academic pursuits. 

“We are excited that Basepath increases the efficiency of our operations through their software,” said Grove Collective Executive Director Walker Jones. “Through this alliance, we allow the Ole Miss fanbase and community to be closer than ever to help support our student athletes.” 

Basepath provides an advanced financial and operational infrastructure that streamlines the entire NIL ecosystem. From task assignments and payments to athletes, automated compliance dashboards for athletic officials, to contract exchanges within collectives, Basepath’s capabilities are reshaping how student-athletes maximize their NIL potential.

“Through our partnerships with these collectives, we’ve seen evidence of the incredible impact collectives and universities can have in shaping the future of collegiate athletics,” said Basepath Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Thomas Jr. “Basepath is honored to be a trusted and preferred ally supporting our partners’ visions to empower student-athletes, foster financial growth, and nurture professional development.”

Basepath’s collective partners include, but are not limited to:

  • 502 Circle (University of Louisville)
  • Alliance 412 (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Classic City Collective (University of Georgia)
  • Cougar Collective (Washington State University)
  • Crimson Collective (University of Utah) 
  • Dinkytown Athletics (University of Minnesota)
  • Eagle Nation (Georgia Southern University)
  • ICON Collective (University of Illinois)
  • Jags Impact Collective (University of South Alabama)
  • Kat Fund (Sam Houston State University)
  • Knights Table Collective (Southern Virginia University)
  • Lonestar NIL (All Texas Schools)
  • MESA Foundation (San Diego State University)
  • On to Victory (Auburn University)
  • Paradise Collective (Florida Atlantic University)
  • Rising Spear (Florida State University)
  • SD4L (Michigan State University)
  • The 1903 Collective (Wright State)
  • The Grove Collective (Ole Miss)
  • ImPACKt Club (Arkansas State University)
  • The Shield (University of Detroit Mercy)
  • To The Top Collective (Southern Mississippi)
  • We Will Club and Collective (Iowa State University)

Basepath allows student-athletes and institutions to navigate NIL with confidence. The software serves as a solution to the challenges of managing NIL agreements, ensuring both compliance with regulations and the optimization of revenue-generating opportunities. It offers a task assignment system for athletes, streamlines payment disbursements, and provides a comprehensive dashboard for in-depth activity analysis. The platform also integrates with DocuSign for automated contract processing.

Basepath facilitates the creation and execution of smart contracts, provides comprehensive financial reporting, and enables efficient content distribution strategies. By automating these essential functions, Basepath’s software effectively liberates valuable time for student-athletes, enabling them to concentrate on their academic and athletic pursuits.

About NIL Collectives

Collectives have emerged as vital players in the evolving landscape of NIL within the realm of collegiate sports. These entities are essential because they unite athletes, fans, and philanthropists under a common banner, channeling collective enthusiasm into actionable support for student-athletes. Collectives gained prominence as a response to the shifting dynamics of NIL regulations, offering a structured framework to empower athletes while ensuring compliance and equitable opportunities. Their inception stemmed from a shared vision of fostering a spirit of community engagement and financial empowerment among student-athletes, laying the groundwork for a future where athletes can maximize their NIL potential while maintaining a strong connection to their fan base and alma maters. In essence, Collectives bridge the gap between the passion for collegiate sports and the newfound financial opportunities for student-athletes, ushering in a new era of collaboration, impact, and athletic excellence.

About Basepath

Basepath is the leading provider of NIL operations software for collectives, universities, agents and student-athletes. Basepath’s technology has processed over $10 million in payments to athletes. On the mobile app, Basepath Wallet helps athletes manage their NIL finances, employment income, and university grants. For more information about Basepath, visit or its social media pages on InstagramLinkedInTwitter and Tik Tok.


Classic City Collective Selects Basepath as NIL Operations Software