New Diffblue Integration Delivers Enterprise-grade Fully Autonomous AI Java Unit Testing for Easy Continuous Integration

OXFORD, United Kingdom, Jan. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diffblue, creators of the world’s first fully autonomous generative AI-for-code software, today announced the general availability of its new integration with GitLab’s comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform to help enable AI Java unit testing for continuous integration (CI) in GitLab Premium and Ultimate.

“When an organization adopts CI, they quickly discover that test failures will block CI, and they lack adequate unit test coverage,” said Mathew Lodge, CEO of Diffblue. “We make automating Java unit test creation friction-free for development teams who use GitLab for continuous integration to help them lower the risk and cost of modernizing legacy code, break them down into microservices, and refactor them to run on public clouds. Now it’s easy for customers to adopt GitLab code scanning recommendations and deliver higher quality software faster.”

With too few tests, changes made by developers can often break a software build. That means delayed deployment to production and higher risk code. The new Diffblue Cover integration with GitLab helps solve this challenge. Also, Diffblue updates those new tests up to 250X faster than a human developer can write them manually without developer review.

With the new Diffblue integration, customers increase the reliability of their CI while adopting GitLab Premium – and, more importantly, Ultimate – because the additional scanning and checks can’t be run if the build is broken.

By providing a unit test baseline that Diffblue’s new integration completes and submits as a merge request, the test baseline automatically keeps pace with code changes. Diffblue’s test updates are incremental and run fast within GitLab. Only the tests that need to change to match the new code need to be rewritten.

In financial services, Diffblue Cover is already helping many of the world leading banks minimize regulatory scrutiny by mitigating the risk when modernizing legacy mission-critical Java applications. Diffblue Cover unit tests enable rapid understanding of complex applications freeing customers to innovate with confidence. It’s also a fully-automated generative AI solution that can autonomously write new code, improve existing code, accelerate CI pipelines and provide deep insights into the risk of any code change.

To see a demo of Diffblue Cover, please visit here. Experts at Diffblue will schedule a convenient time to show you how AI for Code and Diffblue Cover’s new integration can:

  • Increase continuity of CI in your GitLab environment;
  • Speed up modernization of your Java applications;
  • Protect your code from regressions;
  • Ship code with fewer customer-found defects;
  • Make life easier for your development teams;
  • Reduce the risk of code breakages in fragile applications;
  • Maximize unit test coverage;
  • Get new insights into your code’s testability and health.

About Diffblue
Diffblue is an AI for Code company that uses generative AI to change the way developers write code. Applying the latest technologies in Reinforcement Learning, Diffblue Cover autonomously writes unit tests locally and in CI for Java/Kotlin applications – 250x faster than a human developer – delivering continuous code quality, coverage and maintainability. Diffblue was founded in 2016 in Oxford, UK and, working with early customers AWS and Goldman Sachs, developed the first automated Java unit test solution that requires no human intervention. It has an enterprise customer base that includes Cisco, Citi, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Opers and S&P Global, among others. Follow us on Twitter: @diffblueHQ

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