Green Builder Media Announces Expansion of COGNITION Academy

The building industry can now access a new platform that offers unparalleled sustainability video training that can be accessed anywhere—including via smartphone on the job site.

Lake City, Colo., Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Green Builder Media, North America’s leading media company focused on green building and sustainable living, recently announced the expansion of COGNITION Academy, its on-the-jobsite training and education division.

Green Builder Media has partnered with learning management system (LMS) provider On3 to bring new functionality to COGNITION Academy, which has been retooled, expanded, and re-designed to enable clients to provide their employees the highest quality online sustainability content and training courses via smartphone—wherever they are. 

The COGNITION Academy curriculum covers sustainability, decarbonization, electrification, ESG, circularity, and green building fundamentals. Specific topics include healthy home essentials, smart home technology must-haves, climate responsive design, green product deep-dives, sustainable finance options, and green ratings systems and certification programs like ENERGY STAR and Zero Energy Ready Homes.

The Academy includes interactive, dynamic elements like:

  • Short-form courses covering sustainability and green building fundamentals.
  • Diverse learning formats, including videos, interactive content, knowledge quizzes, and links to supplementary assets.
  • Graphics and images to enhance visualization of content.
  • COGNITION Smart Data market intelligence spotlighting essential consumer insights.

To augment the functionality of this curriculum, the new On3 LMS uses artificial intelligence to:

  • Verify user’s knowledge level and change the learning path for each person based on their competencies.
  • Deploy sophisticated algorithms to profile users for optimized training and engagement.
  • Ensure that learners are presented material at a customized difficulty level based on their learning competencies.
  • Leverage mobile adaptive learning (for anywhere, anytime access) and micro-learning to increase training effectiveness.

“For 19 years, we have worked tirelessly to establish an impeccable reputation: We are now the building industry’s leading voice of sustainability,” says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “While we have been educating building professionals, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and consumers since our inception, the demand for sustainability training and curriculum development is growing exponentially–it’s a really exciting time. COGNITION Academy enables us to turn our expertise into accessible knowledge, and On3’s best-in-class AI-powered learning management system allows us to optimize the education process and student experience.”

"We are delighted to partner with Green Builder Media to develop critical sustainability curriculum for net zero energy and carbon building projects,” says Paul Cardis, CEO and Founder of On3. “The Green Builder team is the gold standard in this space and together with our award-winning software, we will bring the most advanced learning platform to frontline construction teams."

To learn more, visit the COGNITION Academy website. For more in-depth information on how Cognition Academy can help your building industry business, contact Sara Gutterman at  

About Green Builder Media

Green Builder Media is North America’s leading media company focused on green building and sustainable living content. With a comprehensive suite of content marketing, digital, social, and print media options, high-profile demonstration projects, market intelligence, data services, and live events, Green Builder Media offers a blend of visionary and practical information covering a broad spectrum of topics, including decarbonization, electrification, smart home technologies, energy efficiency, intelligent water, indoor air quality, resilient housing, renewables, and clean transportation.

About On3 

On3 is an award-winning AI/Mobile Based Learning Application for fieldworkers in construction, trade contractor, and manufacturing industries. On3 allows companies to seamlessly capture their critical work processes in video, create multilingual video-based learning modules, and transform their teams by using artificial intelligence (AI) to verify retention of critical knowledge among frontline personnel. On3 provides companies of all sizes a powerful platform that revolutionizes the way they educate and support their field employees, increasing competency, decreasing build times, reducing errors, improving safety, and allowing companies to onboard and up-skill faster/more efficiently than traditional methods.


Expansion of COGNITION Academy