SalesHood Launches AI Assistant For Sales And Marketing Teams To Improve Revenue Execution

With SalesHood’s AI Assistant, revenue teams predictably win more deals by guiding sellers on what to do, what to share and what to say across the customer journey.

San Francisco, California, Feb. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SalesHood introduces an AI Assistant to its Revenue Execution Platform to hyper-personalize selling across the customer journey by guiding sellers on what to do, what to share, and what to say to improve sales productivity and forecast predictability.

"We are thrilled to introduce AI Assistant, your go-to for sales execution, to enhance sales effectiveness and sales efficiency," remarks Elay Cohen, CEO of SalesHood. "Tasks that once consumed hours and days for salespeople can now be accomplished in mere seconds and minutes."

"SalesHood's AI technology has truly modernized our approach with sales students," expresses Dr. Robert Peterson of Northern Illinois University. "The indispensable real-time coaching feedback expedites the student’s swift integration of the content and is a catalyst in shaping their early professional journey."

Introducing SalesHood’s AI Assistant:

  • AI Practice: Build confidence and competence for any sales pitch and customer conversation with real-time AI pitch reviews that give qualitative coaching feedback as well as scores based on pace, tone, duration, keywords mentioned, and keywords avoided.
  • AI Call Recaps: Summarize Zoom meetings and calls to align with customers on next steps and action items. 
  • AI Deal Reviews: Record deal updates and receive real-time AI-generated deal coaching. 
  • AI Search: Maximize selling time by getting your teams the answers they need without leaving their flow of work.
  • AI Content: Use Gen AI to create smarter and faster training and content using your private documents, presentations, videos and digital sales rooms.
  • AI Governance: Keep content and tags current and updated with Gen AI. Automatically write descriptions for any asset that needs Context.

According to Gartner ®, “By 2028, 60% of B2B seller work will be executed through conversational user interfaces via generative AI sales technologies, up from less than 5% in 2023."

Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Expects 60% of Seller Work to Be Executed by Generative AI Technologies Within Five Years,” September 21, 2023. Click to read the release.

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About SalesHood

SalesHood’s revenue execution platform hyper-personalizes the customer journey by guiding sellers on what to do, what to share and what to say to improve productivity and predictability. Our mission at SalesHood is to empower millions of salespeople to sell better. SalesHood is the must have sales solution to empower high performing sales teams to sell better.  Companies like Alation, Copado, Ewing-Foley, Olo, Sage, SmartRecruiters, and Planview use SalesHood to realize lifts in participation rates, productivity and win-rates. For more information, please visit


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