Assosia and Simpson Associates Team Up to Unlock Product Matching Potential with Machine Learning

YORK, United Kingdom, Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data Transformation specialists, Simpson Associates, today announced a collaboration with Assosia, renowned global retail research and quality assurance specialists, to explore the power of Machine Learning (ML) for product matching in a new Proof of Concept (POC) project. This partnership aims to revolutionise the way Assosia manages and utilises its data, unlocking hidden insights and streamlining crucial tasks.

"Data is our most valuable asset," said Rob Davis, Director at Assosia. "By collaborating with Simpson Associates and their cutting-edge Machine Learning expertise, we are unlocking new possibilities for product matching within our organisation. This Proof Of Concept has the potential to significantly improve our efficiency, accuracy, and overall data-driven decision-making."

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning for Precision Product Matching

The Assosia-Simpson Associates POC explores the potential of ML to revolutionise product matching. By creating, training, and fine-tuning multiple models based on specific datasets, this project aims to unlock hidden connections and deliver tangible benefits, such as:

  • Deep understanding of Assosia's data and needs: Through collaborative workshops and expert analysis, Simpson Associates will gain a comprehensive understanding of Assosia's data landscape, functional requirements, and desired outcomes.
  • Tailored ML model development: Simpson Associates will leverage their extensive knowledge of ML algorithms and techniques to design and build multiple model prototypes specifically tailored to Assosia's unique data challenges.
  • Rigorous evaluation and optimisation: Each model will be rigorously tested and benchmarked against pre-defined metrics for accuracy, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This data-driven approach ensures the final solution delivers the most impactful results for Assosia.
  • Clear path forward: The POC will culminate in a comprehensive report detailing the model performance, limitations, and recommendations for next steps. This roadmap will guide Assosia's informed decision-making on moving the optimal model from POC to full-scale production.

Unlocking a Future of Data-Driven Success

"We are thrilled to partner with Assosia on this transformative project," said Nick Evans, Account Director, at Simpson Associates. "Our combined expertise in data science and ML will empower Assosia to unlock the hidden potential within their data, paving the way for a future of optimised operations and data-driven success."

About Assosia

Assosia empowers businesses in the retail world with the critical intel they need to thrive. Working with retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers, Assosia meticulously tracks in-store and online price and promotional activity, helping businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Assosia works with businesses to drive robust quality initiatives throughout organisations and across the entire supply chain.

Ensuring businesses get the most relevant intel to drive informed decisions and propel your quality initiatives forward. Through industry recognition, they're a trusted data source for The Grocer and a go-to authority for retail research by the BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and countless radio stations.

About Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates is the go-to data transformation partner, specialising in Data Analytics, Ai and a Managed Data Services provider that helps organisations from both the public and private sectors gain valuable insights from their data and make better informed decisions.

Their data and performance management solutions enable forward-thinking organisations understand and resolve some of the most complex and common challenges. They are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, holding the Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialisation, as well as Solutions Partner designations in Data & AI (Azure); Digital & App Innovation (Azure); and Infrastructure (Azure). We are also a Databricks partner and an IBM Gold Partner, specialising in Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics (TM1).

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