Hippocratic AI Launches Nurse Advisory Council to Help Guide Development of Safety-Focused Healthcare LLM

Council launches with 10 distinguished nurses from leading health systems and digital health companies

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hippocratic AI today announced the launch of its Nurse Advisory Council, comprised of registered nurses (RNs) from leading healthcare systems and digital healthcare enterprises. The Nurse Advisory Council, alongside Hippocratic AI’s Physician Advisory Council, will help shape the company’s safety-focused Large Language Model (LLM) for healthcare and ensure that it is ready for deployment.

Staffing shortages have become a substantial problem for the healthcare industry. The World Health Organization projects a global shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, but patients and providers are already feeling the effects. Research overwhelmingly shows an association between nurse staffing ratios and patient safety; as the number of patients per nurse increases, so do patient morbidity and mortality. But the rapid advancement of generative AI promises a new paradigm: one in which nurses are supported by safe and effective technology, and can wholeheartedly devote themselves to high-impact patient care.

“As a nurse myself, I see firsthand how the gaps in our workforce are negatively affecting not only patients, but also our own well-being. I joined the Hippocratic AI team because I believe in generative AI’s potential to make our work infinitely scalable and ensure that patients receive the highest quality care possible,” said Michelle Voisard CCM, BSN, RN, Director of Care Management at Hippocratic AI. “It’s a privilege to work with the distinguished members of Hippocratic AI’s Nurse Advisory Council to build a solution that will truly help us help others.”

Led by Michelle Voisard CCM, BSN, RN, Hippocratic AI’s Director of Care Management; and Sophia Busacca MSQM, BSN, RN, Hippocratic AI’s Director of Nursing, the Council includes the following 10 initial members and will expand over time:

  • Erica Bentley, RN, MBA, BSN: Vice President, Population Health Management at Optum
  • Serena Bumpus, DNP, RN, NEA-BC: Chief Executive Officer at Texas Nurses Association
  • Shawna Butler, RN, MBA: Nurse Economist. Managing Director at NextMed Health; Host, SEE YOU NOW podcast; Top 50 in Digital Health 2021
  • Cassie Choi, RN, BSN: Co-Founder, Chief Health Equity & People Officer at Pair Team; Member of the White House Clinician Innovators Roundtable on Health Equity; Top 50 in Digital Health 2022; UCSF Rising Star 2022
  • Kenneth Dion, PhD, RN, MSN, MBA, RCSI, FAAN: Founding Principal at TurnPath, LLC; Immediate Past-President, Sigma, the International Honor Society of Nursing
  • David Marshall, JD, DNP, RN, FAONL, FAAN: Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive at Cedars-Sinai
  • Amy McCarthy, DNP, RNC-MNN, NE-BC: Director of Nursing, Women, Infants & Oncology at Texas Health Resources; President-Elect of Texas Nurses Association
  • Molly McCarthy, MBA, BSN, RN-NI: Global GTM Excellence Leader, Enterprise Informatics at Philips
  • Colleen Morley, DNP, RN, CCM, CMAC, CMCN, ACM-RN FCM FAACM: Case Management Society of America (CMSA) National President; Immediate Past President at CMSA Chicago; Director, Illinois Nurses' Foundation
  • Patricia Railsback Masson, RN, PhD, FAHA: Nurse Scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital; Associate Scientist at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

“It’s well documented that nurses are regularly working beyond capacity and sustainable expectations and it shows up in poor patient experiences and outcomes and provider wellbeing. Clinician innovators are increasingly taking the lead in designing tools that enable us to deliver timely, contextualized, coordinated care that actually feels caring,” said Shawna Butler, RN, MBA, Managing Director at NextMed Health. “By harnessing the immense power of generative AI, Hippocratic AI is ambitiously building a much-needed tool that enables more connected, equitable, and responsive models of care delivery. Nurses play the critical ‘human-in-the-loop’ role in ensuring safe, ethical, equitable development and deployment of AI-driven technologies. I’m excited to be a part of Hippocratic AI’s Nurse Advisory Council. We have a lot of complex, detail-oriented work ahead of us and I’m optimistic about what our work together will produce.”

"Healthcare is an area where AI has a unique opportunity to amplify the impact and outcomes of an already constrained workforce, while also ensuring high-quality care, improved outcomes, and controlling cost. To quote Spiderman, 'with great power comes great responsibility,' and these models will be rightly held to a higher bar of repairing trust in care delivery and overall access - for both patients and clinicians,” said Cassie Choi, RN, BSN, Co-Founder and Chief Health Equity & People Officer at Pair Team. “Hippocratic AI's intentional early focus on bringing the diverse experience of nurse leaders to the product is a testament to their commitment to this responsibility, and a compelling reason to bet on Hippocratic AI being the leader in generative AI for healthcare. I'm honored to have the opportunity to continue my mission of advocating for the inclusion of the unique needs of underrepresented communities in digital health innovation alongside the Hippocratic AI team and Nurse Advisory Council."

Hippocratic AI is building the industry’s first safety-focused Large Language Model (LLM) designed specifically for healthcare, with an initial emphasis on patient-facing, non-diagnostic applications. Already, Hippocratic AI has outperformed GPT-4 on over 100 healthcare certifications, thanks to its training on healthcare-specific vocabulary and prioritization of reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) via healthcare professionals.

The Nurse Advisory Council is the latest in a string of collaborative initiatives designed to ensure that Hippocratic AI’s LLM is as safe and impactful as possible. Council members will support in the development and review of the model by offering unique insight into the desired patient experience, nursing care path, role tasks, and administrative functions, as well as serve as a resource on clinical education and workflows, safety and quality policies, and patient engagement protocols. The diverse experiences of the 10 founding members illustrate the breadth of nursing expertise required to help build a medically accurate LLM, and to ensure that technology augments—rather than disrupts—the work of frontline professionals.

"Nurses are at the core of the healthcare ecosystem. With a wealth of knowledge and direct touchpoints with patients, they have a strong pulse on the challenges the industry is facing—and where technology can make the biggest impact,” said Meenesh Bhimani MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Hippocratic AI. “We designed Hippocratic AI’s Nurse Advisory Council to ensure that their expert insight plays a critical role in our LLM development. Their guidance will enable us to build a solution that supports the nursing community—and empowers all of us to help improve access, equity, and outcomes for patients."

About Hippocratic AI
Hippocratic AI’s mission is to develop the safest artificial Health General Intelligence (HGI). The company believes that safe HGI can dramatically improve healthcare accessibility and health outcomes in the world by bringing deep healthcare expertise to every human. No other technology has the potential to have this level of global impact on health. The company was founded by a group of physicians, hospital administrators, Medicare professionals, and artificial intelligence researchers from El Camino Health, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, Stanford, Google, and Nvidia. Hippocratic AI is backed by two of the pioneering healthcare investors in Silicon Valley—General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz—and has received a total of $67M in funding. For more information on Hippocratic AI’s performance on 100+ Medical and Compliance Certifications, go to www.HippocraticAI.com.