Vstock Transfer Unveils Extended Services for IPOs and Existing Public Companies

Vstock Transfer is a premier SEC-registered stock transfer firm serving private companies, IPOs and issuers listed on NYSE American, Nasdaq and OTC Markets

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- Vstock Transfer, a premier stock-transfer agent serving nearly 1000 issuers, today announces the expansion of services tailored specifically for initial public offerings (IPOs) and existing public companies. With a commitment to providing comprehensive support for shareholder communication and engagement, Vstock Transfer introduces an array of enhanced offerings, including:

  • Shareholder Meeting Services.
  • Virtual Meeting Administration.
  • Proxy Tabulation.
  • Document Web Hosting.
  • Inspector of Election services.
  • Notice and Access Material Distribution.

As part of our commitment to assisting public companies in enhancing their shareholder engagement strategies, we are pleased to introduce a cost-effective technology solution for issuers to offer a comprehensive, compliant and user-friendly IR widget investor page.

In response to the evolving needs of our clients, Vstock Transfer's expanded services aim to streamline the process of conducting shareholder meetings and managing proxy voting, while ensuring compliance and facilitating seamless communication between issuers and shareholders. With Shareholder Meeting Services, Vstock Transfer provides end-to-end support, from pre-meeting planning to post-meeting follow-up.

Our Proxy Tabulation service ensures efficient vote counting, while Virtual Meeting Administration offers a digital platform for conducting remote shareholder meetings, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity. Our Document Web Hosting services will enable clients to securely host meeting materials online for convenient access by shareholders while our Inspector of Election service ensures impartial and transparent voting processes, instilling confidence in the integrity of shareholder decisions.

Additionally, our Notice and Access Material Distribution service facilitates the dissemination of meeting materials in compliance with regulatory requirements, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Yoel Goldfeder, CEO of Vstock Transfer, expressed his enthusiasm for the extended services, stating: "Even after twelve years we are still innovating and rolling out new technology. Our team is dedicated to supporting management teams and shareholders throughout the entire meeting process, from planning and execution to participation and post-meeting follow-up.” 

As part of our commitment to assisting public companies, we are pleased to introduce an IR investor page widget solution that enables issuers to better communicate with current and potential investors through their corporate websites. It will streamline a variety of financial data, including stock price, volume, dividends, earnings reports, and press releases, in real-time or with minimal delay. It also offers access to annual reports, SEC filings, iXBRL data, investor presentations and earnings calls webcasts.

An IR widget provides transparent, up-to-date information to investors, helping them make informed decisions about their investments. By integrating such a widget directly into a corporate website, companies can improve investor engagement, maintain regulatory compliance and streamline the flow of information to the financial community.

“Our mission is to serve as a robust resource for companies and shareholders with a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and foster confidence at every stage of the capital markets journey,” said Seth Farbman, chairman of Vstock Transfer.

For more information about Vstock Transfer please visit our website at www.vstocktransfer.com.

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Vstock Transfer is an SEC-registered stock transfer firm serving private companies, IPOs and issuers listed on the NYSE American, Nasdaq and OTC Markets. Vstock Transfer is owned and managed by attorneys and a team of professionals who have spent their careers working with issuers on all aspects of initial public offerings, follow-on public offerings, private placements, Reg A, proxy solicitations, DTC eligibility, SPACs, reverse mergers and stock transfers.


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