Global Fluoropolymers Market Analysis and Forecast to 2028, Featuring DuPont de Nemours, The Chemours Company, Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Arkema, Dongyue Group, Syensqo, HaloPolymer & Honeywell

Dublin, Feb. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Fluoropolymers Market: Analysis By Consumption, By Type, By Application, By End User, By Region Size and Trends with Impact of COVID-19 and Forecast up to 2028" report has been added to's offering.

The global fluoropolymers market value stood at US$8.17 billion in 2022, and is expected to reach US$10.95 billion by 2028. Global fluoropolymers market consumption stood at 311.06 billion tonnes per annum in 2022.

Fluoropolymers are finding increased usage in automobiles, electrical and electronics and new energy applications like energy harvesting, sensors, 5G etc. due to higher chemical resistance, better insulation properties, and stability at wider range of temperature and pressure. Global fluoropolymers market demonstrated a consistent growth, primarily driven by fast-paced growth of the aviation industry, increasing digitalization, growing demand for low weight and high resistant polymers in the industrial maintenance sector, increasing investments by regional governments in the Asia Pacific region for industrial development, rapidly expanding automotive sector, growing demand for flexible packaging solutions in food and beverage industries, and rise in number of research initiatives to fabricate an eco-friendlier fluoropolymer.

Furthermore, rapid industrialization, ongoing advancements in electronic component design, emerging market for melt-processable fluoropolymers, growing energy demand, and emerging applications such as photovoltaic modules and architectural membranes, etc., will continue to boost the growth of global fluoropolymers market in the upcoming years. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% over the projected period of 2023-2028.

Market Segmentation Analysis:

By Type: PTFE, PVDF, FEP, Fluoroelastomers, ETFE, PFA, and others.

PTFE is the largest segment of global fluoropolymer market owing to increasing prevalence of non-stick cookware, rapidly growing chemical processing industries, low cost of PTFE in comparison to other HPF, growing demand for high-performance polymers in various industrial applications, rise in number of pickup trucks and small passenger cars, increasing infrastructure development in emerging economies, and emerging applications of PTFE in renewable energy, MEMS technology, water filtration membrane, and 3D printing.

PFA is the fastest growing segment of global fluoropolymers market owing to increasing demand from various end user industries, surging digitalization, ongoing advancements in electronic component designing, rising government spending on infrastructure projects in developing economies, increasing awareness about the environmental benefits of using PFA fluoropolymers, rising investments in medical and pharmaceutical sectors, automotive industry's emphasis on lightweight materials for fuel efficiency, and PFAs unique material properties such as high-temperature stability, excellent electrical insulation, UV resistance, low extractables and purity, etc.

By Application: Pipe, tube, film, sheet, roofing, membrane, additives, sealant, and others.

Pipe is the largest segment of global fluoropolymers market as a result of rapid urbanization, increasing demand in oil and gas exploration, expansion of industrial infrastructure requiring reliable and durable piping systems, increased focus of government authorities on rural water management program, growing application in pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, and unique advantages of using PFA pipes in terms of chemical & corrosion resistance, temperature stability, durability and longevity, lightweight and flexible, etc.

By End User: The report provides the bifurcation of the fluoropolymers market into five segments on the basis of end user: industrial equipment, automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, and others.

Industrial equipment is the largest segment of global fluoropolymer market as a result of increasing demand for high-performance plastics, growing awareness of industrial efficiency, rising trend of industrialization in emerging economies, aging infrastructure, increasing demand for chemical resistant materials, growing need for temperature resistant gaskets & energy pumps inner linings, and rising infrastructure development projects, such as construction of bridges, power plants, and other large-scale facilities.

By Region: The report provides insight into fluoropolymers market based on the regions namely, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world.

Asia Pacific is both the largest & fastest growing region of global fluoropolymers market, owing to rapid urbanization, rising middle-class population, burgeoning electronics and telecommunications sector, increasing foreign direct investment in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, improving standard of living, ongoing infrastructure development projects in countries such as China and India, and rising demand from various end user industries including pharmaceutical, construction, and electrical industries.

The Asia Pacific fluoropolymers market is divided into four regions on the basis of geographical operations, namely, China, Japan, India, and Rest of Asia Pacific, where China held the largest share in Asia Pacific fluoropolymers market owing to increasing investment in supply chain networks to ensure seamless manufacturing and distribution, the presence of highly advanced automotive production facilities, well established chemical sector, increasing government investment in industrial infrastructure, and rising demand for high-quality medical, automotive, and consumer electronics products.

China also accounts for a significant proportion of both PTFE and other fluoropolymer global consumption. India is expected to be the fastest growing region as a result of growing healthcare industry, rapidly expanding e-commerce sector, increasing focus on green building initiatives, rising number of government initiatives like "Smart Cities Mission" & "Make in India" fueling infrastructure development, and growing emphasis on self-reliance in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Market Dynamics:

Growth Drivers:

The global fluoropolymers market has been rapidly growing over the past few years, due to factors such as rapidly growing automotive sector, increasing demand in electrical and electronics sector, surging application in medical sector, expansion of aerospace industry, rising need of fluoropolymers in various other end user industries, etc. Fluoropolymers are increasingly used in making fabrics, non-stick coatings for cookware, fuel hoses, gaskets, insulation materials in printed circuits and semiconductors, and fiberglass composites in construction works on account of their flame retardancy, thermal stability, weatherability, and friction properties. Also, in the construction industry, fluoropolymers are used in architectural coatings, sealants, and other applications where weather resistance and durability are essential.

Furthermore, fluoropolymer coatings are applied to aircraft components, such as wings and engine components, to prevent the accumulation of ice as these coatings provide a low-friction surface that helps shed ice and improve aerodynamic performance. Therefore, rapidly growing aerospace industry, growing demand for fluoropolymers in various end user industries, and increasing use of fluoropolymers in newer applications such as dental ware, waterproof clothing, photovoltaic modules, and architectural membranes, among others, have been positively contributing to the positive growth of global fluoropolymers market over the years.


The global fluoropolymer market growth would be negatively impacted by various challenges such as phasing out of PFAS and PFOA, high prices and limited access to key raw materials, etc. The prices of PTFE, a key raw material used in the production of fluoropolymers, are known to be volatile and subject to fluctuations. PTFE costs are steadily rising due to the closure of major manufacturing facilities in China and Europe. Fluorspar reserves are mainly concentrated in Mexico, China and South Africa which account for ~60% of global reserves (2022), and therefore, due to concentrated availability, fluorspar prices are very volatile and secured access is a key determinant for long-term sustainable business.


The global fluoropolymer market is projected to grow at a fast pace during the forecasted period, due to increasing demand of electric vehicles, developing 5G communication technology, ongoing advancements in fluoropolymer processing techniques, rising focus on sustainability, etc. Fluoropolymers are commonly utilized in the manufacturing of coatings for PCBs, dielectric materials for antennas, heat-resistant materials for electronic components, and insulating materials for various components in 5G infrastructure.

In addition, fluoropolymers are used in the manufacturing of miniaturized components and to protect them from moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors, and ensuring that these devices remain durable, efficient and reliable in various environmental conditions. Furthermore, advancements in micro-injection molding to produce small and intricate fluoropolymer components, and improved understanding of the rheological behavior of molten fluoropolymers for better control over the injection molding process, is expected to result in higher fluoropolymers market growth in the coming years.

The key players of the global fluoropolymers market profiled in the report include:

  • Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • The AGC Group
  • Daikin Industries
  • Honeywell International
  • Saint-Gobain
  • 3M
  • DuPont de Nemours
  • The Chemours Company
  • Gujarat Fluorochemicals
  • Arkema Group
  • Dongyue Group
  • Syensqo
  • HaloPolymer

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction
2.1 Fluoropolymers: An Overview
2.2 Properties and Usage of Various Fluoropolymers
2.3 Fluoropolymers Segmentation

3. Global Market Analysis
3.1 Global Fluoropolymers Market Analysis
3.2 Type Analysis
3.3 Application Analysis
3.4 End User Analysis

4. Regional Market Analysis
4.1 Asia Pacific Fluoropolymers Market
4.2 North America Fluoropolymers Market
4.3 Europe Fluoropolymers Market
4.4 Rest of the World Fluoropolymers Market

5. Impact of COVID-19
5.1 Impact of COVID-19 on Fluoropolymers Market
5.2 Post COVID-19 Impact on Fluoropolymers Market

6. Market Dynamics
6.1 Growth Drivers
6.1.1 Rapidly Growing Automotive Sector
6.1.2 Increasing Demand in Electrical and Electronics Sector
6.1.3 Surging Application in Medical Sector
6.1.4 Expansion of Aerospace Industry
6.1.5 Rising Need of Fluoropolymers in Various Other End User Industries
6.2 Challenges
6.2.1 Phasing out of PFAS and PFOA
6.2.2 High Prices and Limited Access To Key Raw Materials
6.3 Market Trends
6.3.1 Increasing Demand of Electric Vehicles
6.3.2 Developing 5G Communication Technology
6.3.3 Ongoing Advancements In Fluoropolymer Processing Techniques
6.3.4 Rising Focus On Sustainability

7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Global Fluoropolymers Market: Competitive Landscape
7.2 Global Fluoropolymers Players by Market Share
7.3 Global Fluoropolymers Market: Product Comparison

8. Company Profiles

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