Three Industry Leaders Laud Revolutionary Health Monitoring Benefits of RHI Q-Stat

Malvern, Pennsylvania (USA), Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), developer of cutting-edge technology to provide health insights on-demand and a division of Rajant Corporation, the pioneer of Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks, has received endorsements from three industry leaders in healthcare for its new cutting-edge wearable Q-Stat, which can detect life-threatening medical events. The Q-Stat, a wrist-worn device, continuously and transparently measures key biometrics such as ECG, SpO2, and activity for remote health management.

Phillip Koren, MD FACC Medical Director at the Cooper Heart Institute, shares, “As a practicing cardiologist for over thirty years, my interest in Rajant Health and its product development is based on using high-level technology to help our patients and healthcare providers improve lives, prevent illness, and prolong life. Emerging technology in the cardiovascular world is at a critical inflection point. Using medical devices that bridge patient information and patient data with healthcare providers is where information can affect the care of our patients. My interest in working with Rajant Health is driven by our growing need to access patient information and how it affects disease progression and medical management. Imagine a world that expands monitoring while the person is not yet ill or hasn’t visited their healthcare professional, and we can use remote monitoring medical devices, such as Q-Stat, to prevent a medical condition. The conditions can include stroke, heart attacks, sepsis, or others. In addition, we could use remote medical monitoring to prevent disease progression in high-risk individuals.”

Steven Back, MD PhD interventional cardiologist practicing in Newark, Delaware, states, “I became a physician to improve the quality and longevity of patient’s lives by preventing and treating disease. To achieve these goals, artificial intelligence is becoming integrated into the technology at our disposal to help care for patients. The scientists and engineers at Rajant Health are harnessing and incorporating artificial intelligence into multiple products, like Q-Stat, to care for patients more effectively. I am honored and proud to work with the team at RHI to develop the latest technology to provide the best patient care. I share the company’s vision of creating the latest wearable technology to help usher in the AI revolution to diagnose and treat cardiovascular and lifestyle diseases.”

Mark A. Rubino, Founder and President at Fusion Healthcare Solutions, offers, “I've worked in the healthcare sector for over 35 years now, mainly with start-up ventures. After meeting with the team at Rajant Health and learning about the products they are developing, I was completely blown away. Healthcare continuously evolves, and you must stay one step ahead to succeed. Rajant Health is three steps ahead. Prevention, early detection, remote health management, and individualized healthcare are paramount to the future of medicine. Learning about the RHI Q-Stat, I was immediately intrigued. The Q-Stat wearable monitors a patient's body digitally, conveniently measuring key biometrics to help patient's take on more of an active role and interest in their health. It promotes dialogue with their physician, which should translate into informed decision-making and better health outcomes. AI and predictive analytics will power the future of medicine, and I believe that Rajant Health will be a major player in this arena.”

RHI’s ever-expanding product and service offerings include an ecosystem comprised of enterprise Edge (Cowbell), personal Edge (Q-Stat), and analytics (Trovomics). To learn more about RHI’s healthcare assurance ecosystem to enable proactive and personalized health, visit RajantHealth.com


About Rajant Health Incorporated 
Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI) is building a healthcare assurance ecosystem to enable proactive and personalized health. We provide personalized health insights to promote a patient-centered experience that improves diagnostics, therapeutics, and communication. Our monitoring solutions, data integration, and advanced analytics turn raw data into actionable insights that can be applied to various clinical, biomedical, and research needs. Our premiere lineup of products includes the Cowbell, the Q-Stat, and Trovomics. Together, these versatile technologies can revolutionize health discovery through enhanced data acquisition, ingestion, and analysis. Our current applications include large animal monitoring, remote health management, and biomarker identification. RHI is backed by our parent company, Rajant (Malvern, PA), with 20+ years of technological experience. For more information, visit RajantHealth.com or follow Rajant Health on LinkedIn and YouTube.


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