Cloud Tech Innovation Meets Sustainability: Payara Launches "Power Up Your Jakarta EE" Hackathon

LONDON, Feb. 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Payara Services, the leader in application server technology, proudly announces the "Power Up Your Jakarta EE" Hackathon, a ground-breaking virtual event that fuses cutting-edge technology Payara Cloud with a commitment to sustainability. Offering a platform for entrepreneurs and innovators to collaborate, ideate and contribute to a more sustainable future, the event will enable participants to develop their talents and drive positive change in the industry.

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The Hackathon, launching on 11th March, invites Java EE and Jakarta EE developers to craft solutions that address pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges. As such, the event will ultimately support the development of key technologies for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. The core mission of this Hackathon is to champion sustainability by spotlighting existing and new applications that address key issues such as energy conservation, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture, and eco-friendly transport.

In line with the new Payara company slogan, "Power up your Jakarta EE," participants are encouraged to maximize the potential of Jakarta EE. The Hackathon aims to reward technical mastery in leveraging Jakarta EE features to create scalable, impactful, and sustainable solutions. Participants will harness the power of Jakarta EE, specifically the Jakarta EE Web Profile, as the backbone of their applications, showcasing the strength and versatility of Jakarta EE technologies. The deployment platform of choice is Payara Cloud, where participants will highlight the simplicity, scalability, and reliability of deploying Jakarta EE applications.

Solutions will be evaluated by Java industry champions and Jakarta EE experts based on innovation, impact, relevance, technical mastery, and user experience, providing participants with an opportunity to showcase their original and effective solutions.

Winners will be announced in April. They will be spotlighted across Payara and Eclipse Foundation platforms, earn money prizes and be able to present their solutions to a worldwide Java users' audience.

"We believe in harnessing the power of technology to drive positive change, and the 'Power Up Jakarta EE' Hackathon embodies that goal. By bringing together the brightest minds in the Java and Jakarta EE industry and nurturing their talents, we aim to innovate for a sustainable future. Join us in shaping a greener tomorrow and showcasing the capabilities of Jakarta EE on Payara Cloud," says Valentina Kovacic, Marketing Director at Payara.

The Payara Cloud Hackathon is open for sign ups now on and will be running from the 11th until the 31st of March.

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