Cell Based Assay Market Research Unveils High Content Screening Innovations and Industry Forecasts 2024-2028

Dublin, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Cell Based Assay & High Content Screening Markets. Forecasts by User and Product. With Executive and Consultant Guides. 2024 to 2028" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

The rapidly evolving landscape of the Cell Based Assay market and High Content Screening (HCS) technologies is the focus of a new industry research publication that has been added to our comprehensive collection of market reports. This in-depth research report provides key insights into the burgeoning market, propelled by the increasing demands of drug development and scientific research, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

Drawing on a comprehensive analysis, the report presents forecasts segmented by user and product from 2024 to 2028, equipping industry executives and consultants with pivotal knowledge on market trends, growth drivers, and technological advancements.

Highlighted within the report are the advancing roles of genomics and immunology in the high-growth sectors of the Cell Based Assay market. It dissects the complexities and offers understandable insights designed to bring all levels of management up to speed with the current technological landscape and future market opportunities.

With significant technological strides outpacing the market, the Cell Based Assay has become an indispensable tool, transitioning from the pharmaceutical industry's workhorse to a core player within the biotech field. The report divulges both the burgeoning opportunities and potential pitfalls, while providing an in-depth understanding of the market expectations and forecasting the ultimate scope of this sector's expansion.

The key areas covered in the industry research publication include:

  • Deep-dived market analysis over the forecast period of 2024-2028.
  • Insightful commentary on the impact of cutting-edge technologies in Cell Based Assays that measure comprehensive facets of cell function.
  • Growth projections and market tendencies, with a focal emphasis on the integration of genomics and immunology into Cell Based Assays.
  • Strategic information aiding in identifying growth sectors and capturing the breadth of the Cell Based Assay market.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 Situation Analysis
1.2 Guide for Executives and Marketing Staff
1.3 Guide for Investment Analysts and Management Consultants

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What are Cell-Based Assays?
2.2 Clinical Trial Failures
2.2.1 Immuno-oncology Plays a Leading Role in Cell Based Assays
2.3 Infectious Disease Will Play a Larger Role
2.4 Market Definition
2.5 Methodology
2.6 U.S. Medical Market and Pharmaceutical Research Spending - Perspective

3 Cell Based Assays - Guide to Technology
3.1 Cell Cultures
3.1.1 Cell Lines
3.1.2 Primary Cells
3.1.3 Stem Cells
3.1.4 iPSC's - The Special Case
3.2 Cell Assays
3.3 Cell Viability Assays
3.4 Cell Proliferation Assays
3.5 Cytotoxicity Assays
3.6 Cell Senescence Assays
3.7 Apoptosis
3.8 Autophagy
3.9 Necrosis
3.10 Oxidative Stress
3.11 2D vs. 3D
3.12 Signalling Pathways, GPCR
3.13 Immune Regulation & Inhibition
3.14 Reporter Gene Technology
3.15 CBA Design & Development
3.16 Cell Based Assays - The Takeaway

4 Industry Overview
4.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
4.1.1 Academic Research Lab
4.1.2 Contract Research Organization
4.1.3 Genomic Instrumentation Supplier
4.1.4 Cell Separation and Viewing Supplier
4.1.5 Cell Line and Reagent Supplier
4.1.6 Pharmaceutical Company
4.1.7 Audit Body
4.1.8 Certification Body

5 Market Trends
5.1 Factors Driving Growth
5.1.1 Candidate Growth
5.1.2 Immuno-oncology
5.1.3 Genomic Blizzard
5.1.4 Technology Convergence
5.1.5 The Insurance Effect
5.2 Factors Limiting Growth
5.2.1 CBA Development Challenges
5.2.2 Instrument Integration
5.2.3 Protocols
5.3 Technology Development
5.3.1 3D Assays
5.3.2 Automation
5.3.3 Software
5.3.4 Primary Cells
5.3.5 Signalling and Reporter Genes
5.3.6 The Next Five Years

6 Cell Based Assays Recent Developments
6.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
6.1.1 Importance of These Developments
6.1.2 How to Use This Section
6.2 Castle Biosciences Sees Big Gains in New Testing Niches
6.3 Cell-Based Assay Outperforms Others
6.4 3D spheroid model Monitors T-cell invasion
6.5 BioAuxilium Launches New Biomarker Assay
6.6 Charles River Laboratories Acquires SAMDI Tech
6.7 Axion BioSystems Launches New High-Throughput Live-Cell Imaging Platform
6.8 Fujifilm's Life Sciences Invests in PhenoVista Biosciences
6.9 Nucleai Launches New Multiplex Imaging Spatial Analysis Solution
6.10 Bio-Techne Announces Multi-Omic Rnascope Assays
6.11 Indivumed, CellPhenomics Partner on Cancer Drug Target Research
6.12 Synthego to Accelerate Drug Discovery
6.13 Long COVID Detected By Cell-Based Assay
6.14 Nanolive closes a USD 20 million Funding Round
6.15 Depixus Seeks to Commercialize 'Magnetic Tweezers' for Drug Discovery
6.16 BioAuxilium Research Expands its Cell Signaling Assay Portfolio
6.17 Droplet Genomics Debuts New Microfluidic Screening Platform
6.18 DLP Plus Single-Cell Sequencing Method Spreads From Canada to Cancer Labs Worldwide
6.19 Secondcell Bio to Make Creation of Cell Lines Easy
6.20 Nanolitre-scale cell assays developed with droplet microarray-mass spec
6.21 Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Cell Sorting Technology
6.22 Cellink to Distribute Phasefocus High-Content Cell Imaging Platform
6.23 Axxam and FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics Announce Strategic Alliance
6.24 Cancer Genetics to Acquire Organoid Startup Stemonix
6.25 Curi Bio Acquires Artificial Intelligence Firm Dana Solutions
6.26 CRISPR Screens Uncover Novel Cancer Therapy Targets
6.27 ERS Genomics Licenses CRISPR-Cas9 Patents to Axxam

7 Profiles of Key Cell-Based Assay Companies
7.1 Abcam
7.2 Agilent
7.3 Aurora Biomed
7.4 Axxam
7.5 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
7.6 Becton, Dickinson, and Company
7.7 Berkley Lights
7.8 BioIVT
7.9 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
7.10 BMG Labtech
7.11 Bruker
7.12 Cell Biolabs, Inc.
7.13 Cell Signaling Technology, Inc
7.14 Charles River Laboratories
7.15 Corning, Inc.
7.16 Cytek Biosciences
7.17 Cytovale
7.18 Deepcell
7.19 Enzo Biochem
7.20 Eurofins DiscoverX Corporation
7.21 Evotec AG
7.22 Excellerate Bioscience
7.23 Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics International
7.24 Genedata
7.25 Hemogenix
7.26 Invivogen
7.27 Leica Biosystems
7.28 Lonza Group Ltd.
7.29 Luminex Corp (DiaSorin)
7.30 Merck & Co., Inc
7.31 Miltenyi Biotec
7.32 Molecular Devices
7.33 Nanion
7.34 Ncardia
7.35 New England Biolabs, Inc.
7.36 Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co., Ltd.
7.37 Olympus
7.38 Origene Technologies
7.39 Promega
7.40 Qiagen
7.41 Reaction Biology
7.42 Recursion Pharma
7.43 Revvity
7.44 Roche Diagnostics
7.45 Sartorius
7.46 Sartorius-ForteBio
7.47 Sartorius-IntelliCyt
7.48 Singleron Biotechnologies
7.49 Sony Biotechnology
7.50 SPT Labtech
7.51 Stemcells Technologies Canada Inc.
7.52 Tecan
7.53 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
7.54 Vitro Biopharma

8 Global Market Size
8.1 Global Market Overview by Country
8.2 Global Market by User - Overview
8.3 Global Market by Product Class - Overview

9 Global Market by User Type
9.1 Pharma
9.2 Research
9.3 Industry/Cosmetic

10 Cell Based Assay by Product Class
10.1 Instrument
10.2 Reagent
10.3 Services
10.4 Software

11 Appendices
11.1 FDA Cancer Drug Approvals by Year
11.2 Clinical Trials Started
11.3 Share of Pharma R&D by Country

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