Vytelle Expands Presence in Nebraska Region with the Opening of its 17th Global Laboratory, Ushering in a New Level of Accessibility to Hormone-Free in vitro Fertilization (IVF) for Cattle Producers

Kearney, Nebraska, March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vytelle, the fastest-growing in vitro fertilization (IVF) company, proudly announces the opening of its 8th US-based and 17th global laboratory, strategically located in the heart of Nebraska. This expansion further signifies Vytelle's commitment to providing innovative reproductive solutions and unparalleled access to hormone-free IVF for beef and dairy producers. 

With its newest laboratory situated in Nebraska, a region known for elite cattle genetics and performance-focused herds, Vytelle continues to revolutionize the way livestock reproduction is managed. The expansion will enable local producers to access Vytelle ADVANCE™, a breakthrough in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology, empowering them to further enhance their herds' genetic potential and overall productivity. 

"Our expansion into the Nebraska region underscores our dedication to supporting the needs of our current and future customers by bringing our Vytelle ADVANCE™ solutions closer to home," said Kerryann Kocher, CEO of Vytelle. "We are excited to increase collaboration with producers in this cattle genetics hub, leveraging our expertise to optimize herd performance and drive sustainable agricultural practices." 

The Nebraska-based laboratory offers increased accessibility to modern reproduction technology and enables the possibility of fresh embryo transfers for producers in the region. Vytelle’s state-of-the-art laboratories offer reverse-sort technology and a hormone-free IVF process, including proprietary media, delivering high-quality embryos to producers, giving them the technology to make more valuable calves to maximize genetic progress.  

"We are thrilled to open our doors in the Nebraska region and expand our footprint," said Grady Bishop, Vice President of North America Commercial Operations at Vytelle. "Vytelle can now access 50% of the national beef and dairy breeding herd through a strong network of Satellite partners who help provide our IVF technology across the US. This expansion brings a lab closer to our partners in the area, allowing them to expand their customer offerings to include fresh transfers.”  

“By combining our innovative technologies with local expertise, we aim to foster collaboration and drive positive outcomes for livestock producers, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and resilience of the industry." 
The Nebraska-based team is serving producers with ovum pick-ups immediately. Visit www.vytelle.com to accelerate your herd’s genetic progress today. 

About Vytelle 
Vytelle is a precision livestock company reshaping how cattle producers worldwide optimize their herds. Through Vytelle’s integrated technology platform, generations of genetic gains can be made in just a few years. This allows producers to sustainably deliver more protein with fewer inputs, helping to ensure meat and milk are viable, competitive food choices for future generations.  


Vytelle Expands Presence in Nebraska Region with the Opening of its 17th Global Laboratory