Signature HealthCARE’s “Legislative Lady” Honored Nationally as an Advocate for the Long- Term Care Industry and Its Patrons for Nearly Three Decades

Louisville, KY., March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol to have an audience with members of Congress regarding issues of long-term care, and actually being heard, takes tenacity, connection, and a passion for the future health of long-term care for our nation’s elders . After more than 25 years of being that kind of resolute advocate and legislative frontwoman for all things long-term care, Signature HealthCARE’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs and Health Policy, Kathy Gallin, is being honored by McKnight’s as a Woman of Distinction and placed in their Hall of Honor. 

“Long-term care faces many challenges today, and the women we are honoring are at the forefront of addressing those challenges,” McKnight’s Editorial Director, Vice President and Associate Publisher John O’Connor said. “They are having a positive impact within their organizations and within the industry, benefiting colleagues, residents, patients, and clients. We are delighted to recognize their accomplishments and look forward to honoring them in person soon.”

Lawmakers on both sides of the isle, know Kathy Gallin. For the past 18 years, Kathy has taken on and pioneered legislative affairs, healthcare issues, and health care policies on behalf of Signature HealthCARE and its predecessor company , Home Quality Management. 7 years prior, she was a litigation paralegal for a large multi-office law firm defending skilled nursing facilities throughout Florida. Kathy’s impactful voice has been heard, and acted upon at the local, state, and federal levels and is highly regarded and respected by, not only her colleagues, but by legislators in multi-state and federal government venues as she has proven to be a leader in healthcare advocacy and policymaking. As a testament to her outreach, noted expertise, and impact, Kathy has been a requested speaker and panelist for numerous skilled nursing conferences, summits, radio talk shows, and news articles for her words of wisdom and perspective.  She is truly a voice to be heard! And if not being heard on one of these platforms, or her many boards, memberships, or in the halls of Congress, Kathy Gallin is speaking powerfully on yet another platform; online, under her social media handle, The Legislative Lady! Check out her latest posts @legislativelady.

“I’ve been involved in healthcare for over 40 years and the most rewarding, humbling experiences have been the past 18 plus years in the long-term care space,” said Gallin.  “Being able to be a voice for those that we care for, and for our stakeholders, has always been the ‘why’ I am such an advocate, to make a difference in the lives of others.”
Among her many endeavors, Kathy Gallin acts as a liaison with the American Health Care Association’s Council for Post-Acute Care and Legislative Committee, actively working in Washington, D.C. for Signature HealthCARE.  Formerly the VP of the Florida Health Care Association, she is also the past Chair of its Legislative Committee, and served on their Budget, Media/PR, and Quality Committees.  Kathy is also the recipient of FHCA’s prestigious Arthur B. Harris Government Services Award.  On a multi-state level, Kathy also serves on the Indiana Health Care Association’s Board of Directors and Legislative Committee, and Tennessee Health Care Association’s Legislative Committee and Board of Directors. She was a previous Board member of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities, as well as a member of KAHCF’s Legislative and reimbursement committees. She also served on the Georgia Health Care Association Legislative and reimbursement committees and was a previous Board member of Health Facilities Association of Maryland. She also serves on the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee. Kathy has championed Kentucky Medical Review Panels legislation, lobbied for Florida and Georgia’s bi-partisan increase of Personal Needs, led Signature HealthCARE’s march on Washington D.C. lobbying for no cuts to Medicare, and lobbied congress for Provider Relief funds related to COVID. The march, held in 2017 called “Save Our Nursing Homes”, was picked up and shared on multiple media outlets. Click here to view a short excerpt from that campaign.

“I am so humbled to receive this recognition that I cried when I found out, and thanked God for the path he has led me down.  My parents instilled in me the values I bring forth and I am so grateful that they encouraged me along the way, but I can’t go without acknowledging a special person in my life, Joe Steier, CEO of Signature HealthCARE, who gave me a chance. Thank you! And to all of those at McKnight’s who selected me to receive this esteemed award, thank you as well and God Bless!


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