GNE 2024 to Shape the Future of NaaS Services & Automation

Global leaders converge at GNE to accelerate the global automated NaaS ecosystem; Oct 28-30, 2024, in Dallas, Texas

LOS ANGELES, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MEF, a global industry association of network, cloud, security, and technology providers accelerating enterprise digital transformation, today announced the highly anticipated return of the Global Network-as-a-Service Event (GNE). GNE 2024 serves as a catalyst for industry-wide collaboration and fuels the advancement of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) for enterprises. The three-day event, taking place October 28-30, 2024, convenes experts across the NaaS ecosystem, including executive decision makers, strategists, technology experts, and enterprise users.

GNE fosters insightful discussions on current trends, business dynamics, opportunities, and challenges across the global NaaS landscape. The event commences with the Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Global Summit, delving into the crucial role of LSO in automating the new NaaS ecosystem, practical insights, and additional use-cases for implementing LSO automation. Days two and three feature in-depth discussions on the evolution of NaaS services, ecosystem automation and expansion, and the critical intersection of cybersecurity and NaaS. Additionally, attendees can explore the potential of AI in shaping the future of NaaS.

GNE attendees will benefit from:

  • NaaS progress reports and roadmaps from across the ecosystem of world-wide stakeholders
  • Insights into NaaS industry trends and forecasts from MEF's latest NaaS Industry Blueprint and all-new NaaS Market Brief
  • Cutting-edge demonstrations of NaaS and LSO automation
  • Extensive opportunities to connect with key decision-makers for real business outcomes
  • Understanding how industry automation standards accelerate NaaS and digital transformation

“NaaS plays a crucial role in empowering organizations to become part of a highly scalable automated ecosystem spanning enterprises, retail and wholesale service providers, data centers, cloud providers, technology providers, and more," said Nan Chen, CEO, MEF. "With the support of industry giants and the collective effort of our community, MEF is proud to lead the charge to transform this ambitious vision into a reality, driving innovation and progress within the global NaaS landscape.”

GNE is sponsored by a diverse range of organizations delivering the next generation of secure, automated, dynamic services and NaaS offerings. Sponsors include aconnic, Amartus, AT&T Business, Cisco, Colt, Comcast, Console Connect, DCconnect, Enxoo, ideaHelix, Orange Business, Orchest, RAD, Sage, ServiceNow, Sparkle, TransUnion, Verizon. For sponsorship opportunities contact Lori Vachon, Director Global Events.

GNE will be held at the Loews Live! Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Additional details and information will be forthcoming on the GNE website.

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