Intrado Launches VIPER as a Service and Power 911 Web Solutions in California

The most advanced version of Intrado’s powerful and proven call handling solution has completed California’s 911 certification process and is now available across the Golden State.

LONGMONT, Colo., March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intrado Life & Safety (“Intrado”) , a global leader in emergency communication services and end-to-end solutions, and a long-standing provider of public safety solutions to California, is thrilled to announce the availability of its much-anticipated VIPER as a Service, Data Center edition for use in California.

This powerful call handling solution, with its browser-based user interface—the new Power 911 Web—offers private cloud functionality, allowing users to connect from virtually anywhere without the typical risks associated with traditional cloud platforms. Designed with user familiarity in mind, the interface ensures a seamless transition, enabling users to leverage all the call handling features they are accustomed to, including its advanced features without affecting their existing operations.

Intrado VIPER as a Service is designed with a suite of features to enhance and streamline operations within Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). It offers a turn-key delivery, complete with all necessary software components, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free deployment. Agencies are further supported with full monitoring, guaranteeing seamless operations. Centralized upgrades stand out as a pivotal feature, providing agencies with the assurance of always accessing the latest features, such as the transformative PSAP-initiated streaming video, which offers real-time visual situational awareness that revolutionizes emergency response. Additionally, real-time text translation emerges as a new feature, soon to become indispensable, ensuring clear communication and effectively breaking down language barriers during critical text exchanges.

Intrado underscores its commitment to seamless communication. The solution boasts proven ESInet interoperability, facilitating information exchange across various emergency service networks. Beyond that, its robust reporting capabilities allow users to easily tap into comprehensive and actionable insights through the Intrado ECaTS analytics and reporting platform, fully harnessing the depth and breadth of this market leading analytical tool.

Intrado VIPER as a Service Data Center edition, already available across much of North America, recently completed the rigorous certification process set by California. The certification reaffirms the product's reliability, efficiency, and adaptability in emergency situations.

Matt Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Intrado, shared his excitement about the solution achieving its certification: "I am immensely proud to continue serving California residents. With the introduction of this remarkable solution, we are better positioned to support and serve the people of California more effectively. Our mission has always been to save lives by improving public safety outcomes. The latest Intrado VIPER Solution bolsters our dedication to advancing that mission in the state."

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