Feit Electric Announces Second Patent Enforcement Action Against Infringing White LED Filaments

LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Feit Electric Company, Inc. (“Feit Electric”), a leading global lighting and smart home brand headquartered in California, today commenced a second white LED filament patent enforcement action against Savant Technologies LLC doing business as GE Lighting (“Savant”) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio. Despite being warned by Feit Electric, Savant imported and then sold white LED filament light bulbs marketed under the GE brand. 

Feit Electric introduced light bulbs with white LED filaments in August 2022 and the fresh alternative to the traditional yellow filament quickly appealed to retailers and consumers. Anticipating that other light bulb suppliers might copy the Feit Electric white LED filament bulbs, Feit Electric announced to the industry that it owns a set of patents directed to covering the yellow material used on LED filaments. 

“Not only did we widely announce to the industry that Feit Electric owns a set of patents directed to covering the yellow material used on LED filaments, but we also specifically and directly informed Savant as well as retailers and other manufacturers,” said Alan Feit, President of Feit Electric. “Despite those warnings, Savant went forward with infringing white LED filament products.” 

Feit Electric is seeking an injunction to bar the further importation and sale of infringing white LED filament light bulbs, for damages, and for enhanced damages and attorney fees for willful infringement. 

“While we would prefer that our competitors respect our patents, we are committed to enforcing our patents against infringers if they do not. We also hope that retailers look to us for light bulbs with visible white filaments, rather than infringers,” said Mr. Feit. 

Feit Electric’s new line of white filament decorative lighting is available at The Home Depot and Ace Hardware stores. For more information on Feit Electric’s white filament product line visit feit.com

About Feit Electric

Founded and headquartered in California, Feit Electric is celebrating over 45 years as a leading global lighting and smart home brand. Through innovative design, supply chain expertise, and industry-leading technology, Feit Electric offers its customers a full portfolio of reliable lighting products including home décor lighting collections, light fixtures, smart and feature-rich high-performance lighting solutions as well as a full line of general household, specialty light bulbs in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. For more information, visit feit.com, and follow us on X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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