Breezeline Provides Digital Training to Empower Older Adults in Columbus and Greater Cleveland

Breezeline hosts interactive trainings to promote online skills

Columbus, Ohio, March 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Breezeline hosted two digital literacy seminars to empower older adults in Ohio with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the digital world. 

The trainings were held this week at the Dodge Community Center in Columbus and the Middleburg Heights Community Center in Middleburg Heights. Breezeline held the events in partnership with Cyber-Seniors, a non-profit that provides tech training and digital mentors to seniors. The interactive seminars showed attendees how to create an email address and other internet basics. 

“Seniors want to learn how they can incorporate digital technology into their lives,” said Steve Dockman, program manager for Middleburg Heights Community Center. “We appreciate Breezeline’s work with Cyber-Seniors to promote digital learning in Ohio.” 

Older adults are less likely to be connected to the internet or to have a smartphone, which can contribute to social isolation and deprive them of access to vital information and resources, including telemedicine.

“Trainings like these help older adults live more connected lives,” said Asha Burney, manager, Dodge Community Center. “We are grateful for Breezeline’s commitment to seniors in our community.”

This event is one of several steps Breezeline is taking to foster digital literacy and the responsible use of technology in its communities. Last week, Breezeline hosted a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) kit distribution at elementary schools in the Cleveland and Columbus areas.

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