LightSolver LPU100 Laser Computing System Empowers Enterprises to Solve the Toughest Optimization Problems

Cloud Access to New Laser Processor Delivers Ultra-Fast Solutions for the Most Critical and Challenging Logistics, Finance, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Use Cases

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LightSolver, creator of a new laser-based computing paradigm, today announced a breakthrough in quantum-inspired high-performance computing. Its LPU100 system unleashes the power of 100 lasers to solve the toughest optimization problems, challenging the processing times of quantum and supercomputers. The LPU100’s laser array represents 100 continuous variables, and can tackle problems with up to 120100 combinations, empowering organizations to enhance their business and engineering processes and make mission-critical decisions faster than ever before.

The compute capabilities of the LPU100 are now accessible to select enterprise clients through LightSolver’s new cloud platform. This solution combines the innovative all-optical hardware of the LPU100 with LightSolver’s algorithmic processing layer to bring ultra-fast results to enterprises across industries for problems with up to 1M variables.

As a purely optical system, the LPU100 overcomes the performance barriers of electronics and can execute mathematical operations at unprecedented speed. For example, a vector matrix multiplication (VMM), which is an operation in optimization and various other applications, can be executed by the LPU100 in as little as 10 nanoseconds, compared to a GPU which needs a few microseconds for the same operation. Another benefit of the LPU100 is that it operates in ambient conditions and is the size of a traditional desktop computer.

“We are excited to collaborate with LightSolver and begin testing use cases on their cloud platform,” said Yoram Avidan, CTO Innovation Lab & Global Head of Citi Accelerator, where LightSolver is a member. “Financial institutions will undoubtedly benefit from the LPU100’s powerful optimization and decision-making abilities, which provide opportunities to boost revenue and reduce risk.”

Key applications of the LPU100 include:

  • Logistics: Optimize day-to-day operations by improving vehicle routing, scheduling and dispatching, warehouse optimization, and supply chain management in real-time.
  • Manufacturing: Increase productivity in factories and warehouses through optimized resource allocation, scheduling, assembly line balancing, and facility layout optimization.
  • Aerospace: Optimize material design and enhance decision intelligence for mission-critical processes in which ultra-fast processing times are needed.
  • Finance: Boost returns and decrease risk in critical financial challenges, including portfolio management, trading optimization, liquidity and risk management, and financial planning and budgeting.

"LightSolver's new offering of a unique and promising laser-based compute capability through a cloud platform presents a low barrier to entry for a wide range of advanced computing users, enabling them for the first time to explore this quantum-inspired technology for their demanding and mission-critical workloads," said Bob Sorensen, Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing, Hyperion Research. 

The accuracy and performance of LightSolver’s platform have been established in multiple published papers. In a recent benchmark, LightSolver produced optimal solutions within fractions of a second for the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), a classical optimization challenge in logistics that is used to accelerate the delivery and collection of goods, routing, job scheduling, carpooling, and more. LightSolver outperformed the industry “gold standard,” demonstrating the platform’s ability to manage real-time schedule adjustments in dynamic operations.

“The LPU100 gives enterprises a competitive advantage today by enabling them to fully optimize their business processes and make better, data-backed decisions,” said LightSolver CEO and co-founder Ruti Ben Shlomi, Ph.D. “This technological achievement is already proving more scalable and practical than quantum computers and supercomputers, and we are excited to share its power with our customers through the cloud-based LightSolver platform.”

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About LightSolver
LightSolver has successfully harnessed the unique physical properties of light to develop the first pure laser-based processing unit (LPU), an innovative computing method that is poised to outpace and outperform quantum and supercomputers. It utilizes all-optical coupled lasers that require no electronics to compute, enabling it to be as small as a traditional desktop computer while offering unrivaled scalability, low power requirements, and room temperature operation. Dr. Ruti Ben Shlomi and Dr. Chene Tradonsky, physicists from the world-renowned Weizmann Institute, founded the company in 2020. More than 2/3 of the team are math and physics PhDs. LightSolver has secured investment from TAL Ventures, Entree Capital, IBI Tech Fund, and Angular Ventures. Connect with LightSolver on Twitter and on LinkedIn. For more information, visit

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