EXP to provide design-build services for MTA escalator replacement project

NEW YORK, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EXP Services P.C, a global engineering, architecture, design and consulting firm, is proud to announce that it was selected with Skanska as the lead contractor, to perform design-build services for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) replacement of 21 escalators throughout New York City.

The escalator replacement project is a crucial endeavor in modernizing New York’s transit infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of commuters. This $146M project includes the replacement of 21 escalators across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The project also includes the replacement of the equipment in the escalator machine rooms.

The project, aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency, marks a significant collaboration between EXP and one of the nation’s largest transportation authorities. EXP’s expertise spans the full life cycle including design and construction phase services for stations that have undergone major upgrades and restoration. These EXP teams are comprised of management and technical experts with decades of experience in ADA compliance, station rehab, program and project management, construction services, program and project delivery, public involvement, civil engineering, transportation planning, engineering and design and sustainability experience globally and locally.

As the lead designer, EXP is responsible for all phases of the design in collaboration with all disciplines, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, communications, fire alarm and fire protection. Throughout the project’s construction, temporary stair handrails and guardrails, in compliance with ADA requirements, will be installed. The project will consist of the removal of one escalator at the 51st Street Station, replacement of two escalators at the Park Place Station, one escalator at the High Street Station, one escalator at the Franklin Avenue Station, ten escalators at the Lexington Ave – 63rd Street Station and six escalators at the 21st Street – Queensbridge Station.

“We are excited to be selected by the MTA for this critical project,” said Vice President of Infrastructure, Walter Clark, PE. “Our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions that will not only meet the MTA’s requirements but exceed the expectations of the commuters who rely on its services every day.” This project furthers EXP’s dedication to advancing transportation infrastructure throughout North America.

This project will last from January 2024 with an expected completion of February 2027. EXP looks forward to collaborating closely with the MTA to bring improved transit services and accessibility to New York.

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