QuickLoadz E-axle System's Role in Industry Transformation

QuickLoadz Launches e-axle with up to 30% fuel savings semi into an electric hybrid

Athens, Ohio, March 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

In response to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions, QuickLoadz is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking E-axle system. With traditional diesel trucks facing challenges in fuel efficiency and associated costs, the E-axle system represents a significant advancement in the future of transportation.

The E-axle system can convert any truck into a plug-in electric hybrid, offering a transformative solution for the industry. By achieving this conversion, QuickLoadz aims to broaden the total accessible market and achieve fuel efficiency gains of up to 30%. This reduces emissions, promotes a greener environment, and delivers substantial cost savings for trucking companies.

One of the major obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of electric vehicles has been their limited range. Electric trucks, in particular, have struggled to cover long distances on a single charge, impeding their popularity. However, this challenge is effectively addressed by introducing the E-axle system. This innovative technology extends the range of electric heavy trucks to practical distances, enabling longer journeys without compromising efficiency or performance.

For more information about the E-axle system and to join QuickLoadz's journey towards industry transformation, visit their campaign on Republic today.

Sean Jones
Chief Executive Officer
QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics