BeatStars Launches New Service to Help Creators Negotiate With Labels and Get Paid Faster

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AUSTIN, Texas, March 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, BeatStars is disrupting the music industry once again by making the clearance of intellectual property rights more streamlined, affordable, and efficient with the announcement of the Creator Rights Agency. The Creator Rights Agency is an end-to-end service that allows creators to get data-driven recommendations from experts for licensing, protecting, and getting paid for their intellectual property. The CRA consolidates management, legal, and accounting services needed by creators in today’s music industry, charging a 10% commission only on the deals that are successfully negotiated by the CRA. This allows creators to retain more of their hard earned revenue, lower their costs related to closing deals, and provides creators with the ability to build a solid team - no matter the stage in their career. Creators have the flexibility to retain the services of the CRA on a non-exclusive and deal by deal basis.

The CRA’s state of the art portal and technology allows creators to submit requests directly to the CRA team of experts. These experts use data to help creators negotiate deals, execute final agreements, receive up-front fees, and collect any backend royalties owed to them from artists, labels, and even SoundExchange.

The CRA team has already negotiated with more than 68 major and independent labels and 86 of the top attorneys in the music industry to unblock over $1,000,000 in fees and advances for its roster of clients. This in turn has unblocked an estimated $26.3 million dollars for labels and artists. Some of the CRA’s most notable clearances include Romantic Homicide and Here with Me by D4VD, Equal Dirt by Rylo Rodriguez, Frozen by Lil Baby, SPIT IN MY FACE by ThxSoMuch, Come See Me by Rod Wave, and Soak City by 310babii.

The CRA also puts the power of contracting back into the hands of creators by providing them with editable templates, such as non-disclosure agreements, mixer agreements, session musician agreements, SoundExchange Letters of Direction, writer split sheets, and sync licensing agreements so that creators are empowered to close deals on their own terms. The CRA portal also allows creators to create invoices, fill out tax forms, and complete major-label vendor packets to streamline the process of collecting unpaid advances/fees, producer royalties, SoundExchange Royalties and publishing royalties. The CRA is now available to subscribers of the BeatStars Professional tier who are also members of BeatStars Publishing.

BeatStars CEO, Abe Batshon, said, “We’re super excited for this next generation opportunity and to make it easier for creators to negotiate and get paid for their intellectual property. This is one of many things that we have cooking to empower creators globally. Stay tuned.”

BeatStars COO, Sean Gorman, added, “The Creator Rights Agency is a valuable new component of BeatStars’ end-to-end business solution for music creators. This is just one more way that BeatStars stands out as easy, comprehensive, and trusted by music creators worldwide.”

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