Premier Manufacturing celebrates 100th anniversary

Oregon-based manufacturer has produced trailer safety components for over a century

TUALATIN, Ore., April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Founder Dewey Weiss was one of the first entrepreneurs to produce a pintle-style coupling for semi-trucks and trailers, and 100 years after he founded Premier Manufacturing, the brand, now part of High Bar Brands, is celebrating its centennial anniversary.

“It’s a testament to any company to reach such an incredible milestone and say they’re 100 years old,” HBB Regional Sales Manager Darrel Wilson said. “Providing a superior product that has been widely regarded as the best coupling component in the industry is a testament to the employees who’ve worked at Premier over these years and why Premier has been able to produce high quality products year after year.”

Wilson started with Premier 35 years ago, while Operations Manager Todd Mitchell has been with the company for nearly 40 years.

“People have come and gone, and ownership has changed, but one thing has remained constant: the drive, commitment, and employee pride to produce the highest-quality, safest coupling components in the trucking industry,” Mitchell said.

Premier Manufacturing has grown from a small business in Portland to its current location in Tualatin, where it produces couplings, drawbar eyes, dolly jacks, hinge assemblies, and front-end assemblies.

“I think major changes have occurred in our manufacturing process. For example, we still produce the 270 coupling, which was a staple when I started in the 1980s, but the techniques used today are vastly different,” Mitchell said.

Premier Manufacturing has long focused on innovation, evidenced by nearly 50 mechanical patents granted during its first 100 years in business. Five patents remain active, and all five were granted within the last ten years.

“If you don’t focus on improving, it’s hard to make it ten years, let alone 100-plus,” Mitchell said. “We will continue to work tirelessly to maintain the reputation that Premier has earned over the last century.”

“Our customers, employees, and suppliers have played a crucial role in our overall success over the past 100 years,” Wilson said. “Some of the most reputable fleets in North America have specified Premier Manufacturing’s components for decades, and our consistent product quality and exceptional customer service have earned this trust.”

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