Businesses Increasingly Searching for AI Influencers and Trademark Attorneys, According to Fiverr's Latest Business Trends Index

Fiverr's 9th Business Trends Index reveals that businesses are looking for solutions to elevate organizational performance and productivity

NEW YORK, April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, today released its Spring 2024 Business Trends Index. Among the millions of inquiries on Fiverr’s marketplace, these digital services saw the largest increase in demand over the last six months. Taking advantage of opportunity is the theme at the center of the data:

(1) Businesses are consulting with freelance experts to elevate company performance and management
(2) Innovative companies are looking to implement AI in their marketing and processing operations
(3) Retail businesses and consumer brands are ramping up their packaging game to cater towards an increasingly discerning, global audience

“It’s always an exciting look into the inner workings of business needs and what they are experimenting with when we release these findings. What’s striking is that along with the expected curiosity around AI is a growing demand for business fundamentals and a return to the pleasure of packaging for physical products,“ said Matti Yahav, CMO of Fiverr. “From mom-and-pop shops to multinational companies, organizations are looking for effective solutions to the day-to-day traditional elements of running a business while also experimenting with new technologies to revamp their operations to better serve their customers.”

These are the trending global searches over the past six months:

New and old businesses are looking for a spark in innovation or creation

Businesses recognize that the path to success can come in various forms. What works for an up-and-coming ecommerce storefront may not be the same for a well-established brick-and-mortar shop. That is why businesses are relying more on business consultants and experts to identify, navigate, and troubleshoot whatever challenges they face. Whether it's launching a new venture or optimizing strategies for sustained growth, these freelancers are playing a critical role in starting, managing, and executing across all touch points of businesses today.

  • Trademark attorney +3817%
  • Business Statistics +2016%
  • Economics +208%

Leveraging AI to empower business performance and evolution

With the past year serving as a nice preview for businesses to familiarize themselves with notable AI tools, 2024 strongly signals a more focused and strategic approach towards AI integration within organizations. The latest search trends highlight that businesses are continuing to streamline their AI processes by implementing freelancers to create generative AI programs and other effective AI tools into the core of their overall operational, marketing, and social media strategies.

  • AI influencer +6305%
  • AI SaaS +1461%
  • AI Chatbot +84%

Retail companies are stepping up their design and packaging strategy

Consumer brands are increasingly focusing on innovative and creative packaging solutions to meet evolving customer demands and to further enhance their product offerings towards a global consumer base. Collaborating with packaging design experts, businesses are creating unique product experiences to differentiate themselves in the digital age and to increase both customer engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Mylar Bag +2767%
  • Packaging Box Design +1214%
  • Coffee packaging +804%

In addition to the global findings, Fiverr’s Business Trends Index also breaks down the fastest-growing searches for businesses in the U.S., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, and the U.K. A country-by-country breakdown is viewable here.

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