This Earth Day CAST shows decarbonizing software can make a big difference

NEW YORK and PARIS, April 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the battle against climate change, the tech industry's carbon footprint has emerged as a silent yet significant contributor to global emissions sparking innovative approaches to decarbonizing software.

A just published study shows that using CAST’s Highlight’s first-of-a-kind Green Software Insights capability and the recent SCI Specification by the Green Software Foundation, CAST was able to demonstrate that decarbonizing a single software application can reduce annual CO2 emissions by an estimated 400 kg—a testament to the tangible impact of green software practices. The optimized version of the application also showed a 5% improvement in resource usage, reducing expense on cloud resources.

This study is yet another proof point in CAST’s commitment to address human-caused climate change following on the release of the new CO2 Emission Estimator, Metafinanz Green IT partnership, and the pledge to donate profits from Green Software Insights to non-profit organizations supporting sustainability research and addressing human-caused global warming.

About CAST Highlight

CAST Highlight provides rapid analysis across any size portfolio of applications to determine the software composition, green impact, cloud maturity, resiliency, agility, and technical debt. It can pinpoint intellectual property risks and security exposures, while providing instant recommendations for best course of action, enabling CIOs, IT, and business executives to track and report on key board-level initiatives, speed up application optimization for cloud, reduce technical dept, control open-source risks, and make their software greener and more resource-efficient.

About CAST

CAST has pioneered and now leads the emerging market category of software intelligence – insights into the inner workings and structural condition of custom-built applications. Its technology understands how multi-technology software systems work, automatically derives this intelligence, and puts it at the fingertips of all who need it. Visit