Treez Introduces Treez Ecommerce, New Retailer-First Solution For Cannabis Operators

SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treez, the leading enterprise commerce technology platform that helps cannabis retailers become profitable, today launches its new ecommerce product available exclusively for Treez Point of Sale (POS) customers. The new offering, Treez Ecommerce, is the most direct, streamlined, and powerful ecommerce solution available on the market today. This enables cannabis retailers to create customized, high-performing online storefronts without the need for third-party developers or agencies while integrating seamlessly with the SellTreez POS system.

With the launch of this native ecommerce solution, Treez now provides a full suite of in-house retail technology solutions – including point of sale, retail analytics, and cashless payments – catered to the modern dispensary.

“Treez Ecommerce is crafted to align with the unique business model of cannabis retailers,” said Suresh Khanna, President and COO at Treez. “Retailers are looking for more than just an all-in-one solution. They want best-of-breed technology and insights along with great service. Staying true to that ‘retailer-first’ motto, Treez Ecommerce provides retailers with full control over their ecommerce site – from the site's look and feel to the management of customer data and streamlined ordering – all within an enterprise platform.”

The launch of Treez Ecommerce comes on the heels of a successful 420. Dispensaries running on Treez handled the increase in volume smoothly, remaining 100% operational at all times, successfully capitalizing on the year's largest sales week. This year, customer turnout at dispensaries using Treez on the week of 420 experienced a significant surge, with three times the normal sales volume.

Key Features of Treez Ecommerce:

Simplify Deals & Discounts
Treez Ecommerce includes an advanced discounts engine that simplifies the management of promotions such as BOGO deals, rewards, coupons, and product-level discounts. This feature ensures a seamless discount experience across both in-store and online storefronts.

Maintain Ownership of the Customer Experience
Unlike other platforms that might exploit retailer data, Treez ensures that retailers retain full control over their customer data and profiles. This empowers retailers to use their data solely for enhancing customer relationships through personalized, branded online experiences. Retailers can track online customer behaviors to better understand their shopping patterns and what products they are considering before placing an order, or abandoning a cart.

Drive Revenue & Scalability
With features designed to match the capabilities of traditional retail titans, Treez Ecommerce includes full SEO optimization to boost organic website traffic and attract new customers. The platform's scalability features allow for easy updates and enhancements without the need to switch platforms, supporting business growth and expansion across multiple store locations. Treez Ecommerce also simplifies the technology stack for retailers by integrating with or replacing the existing Content Management System (CMS), allowing the entire website to be managed from one unified platform, unlike typical online menu solutions.

Treez Ecommerce stands out as a transformative solution tailored to the evolving needs of cannabis retailers. By offering powerful tools for customization, integration, and management, Treez not only enhances the efficiency and profitability of cannabis retail operations but also reinforces its commitment to empowering retailers with complete control over their ecommerce ecosystems. As the cannabis retail landscape continues to grow, Treez remains dedicated to innovating and supporting retailers with cutting-edge technology designed for their success.

Treez Ecommerce is now available to customers in California, with plans to roll out to all Treez POS markets by the end of Q2.

About Treez
Treez is the leading enterprise commerce platform for the highest volume retail operators in the biggest state markets in the cannabis industry. Treez's innovative technology and insights help retailers accelerate revenue growth, drive better operational efficiency and increase profits.

Treez provides point of sale software, ecommerce, retail analytics, cashless payments and integrated partner solutions across delivery, marketing and loyalty, business intelligence, accounting, ERP and more. All layered by the best damn customer experience in the cannabis industry including dedicated onboarding, migration and customer success teams and 24/7 support.

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