Collectible Deck-Builder SolForge Fusion Sets Web3 Launch, with Funding from Animoca Brands, Solana Foundation, and MatrixPort

Mint Unique Decks, Collect Rare Unlocks, and Earn a Stake in the Future of SolForge Fusion

LAS VEGAS, April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading strategy game publisher and developer Stone Blade Entertainment is breaking new ground with its flagship game, SolForge Fusion, with a launch into Web3. SolForge Fusion was created by legendary designers Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game). This latest addition to SolForge Fusion, recently released into Steam Early Access, will allow players to mint their algorithmically generated decks into tradeable digital assets and earn more through rare unlocks, accessible via

Stone Blade Entertainment is working with leaders in Web3 to launch this brand. Investors and advisors include Animoca Brands, Solana Foundation, and MatrixPort. These companies fully support the vision of transforming SolForge Fusion into a truly community-owned gaming experience.

The token and NFT launch, planned for early June 2024, will see the release of specialty decks and the ability to mint decks into digital assets, as well as weekly drops. Additionally, as part of Stone Blade Entertainment’s Community Owned Games initiative, the company is introducing a new token that will allow players to take ownership of and benefit from the success of SolForge Fusion. The new token, SFG, will be airdropped for free to those participating in the early access game and its Discord community. It can also be earned through tournaments, gameplay, and community events and used to purchase in-game cosmetics items, packs, digital assets, and to mint existing decks.

“Stone Blade Entertainment prides itself on being at the forefront of new technology that takes the best of tabletop gaming and helps it reach new audiences. SolForge Fusion is designed to be played in any of three ways: using the tabletop game cards, playing as a roguelite PC game, or leveraging the trading and ownership potential of Web3. Each piece is built on the same core of fun gameplay that stands on its own and supports each other piece. With this latest addition, players can play the game they want to play and have true ownership of their physical and digital collections,” said Justin Gary, CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment and Co-creator of SolForge Fusion.

About SolForge Fusion

Created by Justin Gary (Ascension) and Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering), SolForge Fusion is a collectible card-battling game with thousands of cards and near-endless deck possibilities. Algorithmically generated and printed half-decks can be fused together to create countless strategies, with more deck combinations than atoms in the universe!

Each one-of-a-kind faction deck comes with a unique QR code that can be scanned to add to the player’s online collection. Decks in the online collection can also be used to register for tournaments and other community events.

The Steam version of SolForge Fusion allows players to scan their decks into the game to engage in competitive or casual PvP duels, compete in online tournaments, and explore the world of Solis in a roguelite campaign mode. Decks can be customized and enhanced with a wide range of cosmetics and power-ups, providing a personalized experience and letting players take on challenges with their own unique and powerful cards.

A complete press kit for SolForge Fusion, including logos and artwork, is available here:

SolForge Fusion is now available for PC via Steam Early Access. Web 3 Functionality will be accessible on in the coming months.

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