The Binary Holdings (BNRY) Sets Record with Lightning-Fast Sellout of BNRY Token Public Presale, Set To Make Public Trading Debut

Dubai, UAE, April 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  The Binary Holdings (BNRY) has made waves in the cryptocurrency market by achieving a remarkable feat: a lightning-fast and highly oversubscribed public presale of its BNRY tokens. This extraordinary accomplishment underscores the overwhelming confidence and enthusiasm surrounding the project, paving the way for its much-anticipated launch on April 30, 2024. Just last week, The Binary Holdings announced the closure of a strategic investment round totaling $8 million USD. Following an oversubscribed community exclusive presale, the decision was made to launch an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on three separate launchpads. "The overwhelming success of our public presale speaks volumes about the trust and belief our community has placed in us," remarked Manit Parikh, CEO at The Binary Holdings. "This milestone not only validates the tireless efforts of our team over the years but also propels us toward an exciting new chapter in the cryptocurrency landscape."

As The Binary Holdings transitions from presale to public trading, anticipation within the crypto community is palpable. Speculation abounds regarding the potential impact of the BNRY token on the DePin space, particularly within the realms of Web3 and the Telecommunications sector. Excitement continues to mount as the introduction of the BNRY token to the broader market not only marks a significant milestone for The Binary Holdings but also presents a plethora of opportunities for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with a robust, utility-focused asset. Positioned at the forefront of Web3 Infrastructure and the Telecom sector, The Binary Holdings is uniquely poised to address challenges in user activation, engagement, retention, and revenue growth for telecom partners. As the company expands its footprint across Southeast Asia, it anticipates reaching over 200 million users in the next 12 months through strategic partnerships with leading telecom operators. At the heart of The Binary Holdings' ecosystem lies the Binary Token ($BNRY), facilitating seamless transactions for its 40 million users. Combined with TBH's L2 Rollup solution, the BNRY token fuels the company's vision to onboard the next 1 billion users into the Web3 space.

The Binary Holdings boasts a rich and diverse ecosystem encompassing various innovative platforms and technologies. Among these, Fando stands out as the leading fan-tokenized platform, revolutionizing the way fans engage with their favorite content creators and celebrities. Additionally, Lost Club Toys has captured significant attention from telecom partners, showcasing the company's prowess in the intersection of entertainment and technology. Meanwhile, Twin Matrix Technologies is at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in Web3 infrastructure, further solidifying The Binary Holdings' position as a pioneer in the industry. With each component of the ecosystem contributing to its overall strength and value proposition, The Binary Holdings offers investors a multifaceted opportunity to participate in the next generation of decentralised possibilities.

As The Binary Holdings readies itself for public launch, it is also gearing up to introduce a range of products, services, and platforms. Among these, the Binary Network L2 Rollup on the Optimism tech stack stands out as a cutting-edge offering set to roll out in the coming months. This initiative not only promises top-notch security measures but will also be unparalleled in its cost-effective offerings. Moreover, the Binary Network will capitalise on the extensive Ethereum ecosystem, integrating and leveraging its vast network of developers, applications, and services to maximise its potential. Drawing inspiration from their successful integration of Animoca Brands-backed Lost Club Toys, The Binary Holdings is now introducing a groundbreaking hackathon portal for its expanding developer community.

This platform will provide ongoing rewards to developers as long as their products and features remain in use within the ecosystem. Contributions from the developer community will enhance the growing Binary Network, addressing challenges not only related to user activation, engagement, retention, and revenue growth for telecom partners but also with a special mandate to accelerate the development of DeFi products for all the users they represent.

About The Binary Holdings

The Binary Holdings is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider for Telecommunication, BFSI, Gaming and eWallet companies across emerging economies in Southeast Asia. Headquartered in DIFC, UAE, the company emphasises innovation and opportunity across its diverse business ecosystem.