GoodwillFinds Scales Ecommerce Operations with Neatoscan & Upright Labs to Fuel Social Service Programs Nationwide

The partnership integrates industry-leading inventory management tools into the GoodwillFinds platform, enabling member Goodwills to drive more revenue that supports local workforce development initiatives

WILMINGTON, Del., April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoodwillFinds, a recommerce venture helping to reimagine the future of purpose-driven resale, today formally announced a strategic partnership with Neatoscan & Upright Labs, a company focused in secondhand inventory management and multi-channel listing solutions, to enhance and scale reselling operations across the Goodwill network on

The partnership brings a new suite of fully-integrated reselling software and inventory management tools to the backend platform of GoodwillFinds. For members, the integration complements current listing workflows for third party reselling websites, increasing efficiency and allowing for ease of listing items on and fulfilling orders. For GoodwillFinds shoppers, it means a deeper selection of incredible secondhand items from Goodwill stores across the country, spanning categories from clothing and jewelry, to sporting goods and collectibles, to electronics and toys and more.

“Neatoscan & Upright Labs have been an integral ecommerce tool for the Goodwill network for years, providing unparalleled inventory management and multi-channel capabilities,” said Jim Davis, Chief Revenue Officer of GoodwillFinds. “This partnership unlocks their user-friendly listing interface for GoodwillFinds for the first time, allowing any Goodwill that is already a Neatoscan & Upright Labs client to easily sell on to drive more revenue, reach new customers, and ultimately, fund their mission through effective resale.”

With 14 member Goodwills now selling on the platform, representing over 500 retail stores across the country, GoodwillFinds is redefining the recommerce marketplace through their mission of innovating resale with a purpose. Items on the site are sourced from Goodwill stores across the country. All proceeds from sales benefit the community from where the item was donated in order to fund each Goodwill’s local programs, including professional skills development, job placement, youth mentorship, and more.

The choice to shop resale with a purpose not only funds Goodwill's workforce development programs and strengthens communities, it keeps billions of pounds of items in circulation annually, which supports a more sustainable retail economy. To shop or learn more about GoodwillFinds’ social impact initiatives visit

GoodwillFinds eCommerce, Inc. is a social enterprise comprising a re-commerce technology platform and second-hand marketplace under license from Goodwill Industries International, Inc. Proceeds from sales on GoodwillFinds directly benefit the communities from which the items were initially sourced, fueling local programs for workforce development and job training. The ecommerce platform is designed to modernize the resale shopping experience, providing personalization and thoughtful recommendations, while furthering Goodwill’s initiative to empower individuals with disabilities and other barriers to gain independence through the power of work. GoodwillFinds is also good for the planet, powering the circular economy by keeping billions of pounds of goods in use, offering consumers a sustainable way to shop nationwide. GoodwillFinds is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, registered in the US under EIN: 87-1302020.

Neatoscan & Upright Labs are at the forefront of resale technology, offering seamless services and solutions for secondhand retail and e-commerce operations to improve operational efficiency. Their expertise in inventory management, cross-listing, and smart repricing tools allows clients to effortlessly scale secondhand operations. With a focus on efficiency and building a sustainable, circular economy, Neatoscan & Upright Labs are redefining the future of e-commerce for secondhand markets. Learn more by visiting

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