CirrusMD's Physician-first Virtual Care Now Accessible Via Partnership with Blackwell Captive Solutions, Changing Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.

ful.Health Partners with Blackwell Captive Solutions to Deliver Innovative Cost-Containment Solutions, Featuring CirrusMD's Physician-Led Care, Ensuring Payers Benefit from Enhanced Savings and Superior Healthcare.

CHICAGO and DENVER, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CirrusMD, creator of the Physician-first Care & Guidance virtual care model, is reshaping healthcare delivery by enabling care that is instantly accessible, always informed, and directly connected to the patient’s longitudinal health record. In a groundbreaking collaboration with ful. Health, CirrusMD's renowned virtual care services are now available to self-funded groups, marking a significant leap forward in healthcare accessibility and affordability.

CirrusMD's Physician-first Care & Guidance model, which connects users to a doctor in less than 60 seconds, 24/7/365, not only enhances efficiency but also supports early diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. This model also helps to address issues stemming from the scarcity of physicians in the U.S., by empowering CirrusMD physicians with a smart, proprietary platform for scalable care that enhances the quality, continuity, and efficiency of care.

Dr. Bernie Saks, Founder and CEO of ful.Health, commends CirrusMD's model, stating, "CirrusMD represents the epitome of the right model for virtual care, seamlessly integrating technology with compassionate, physician-led guidance. Their innovative approach aligns perfectly with our mission to transform how plans use and pay for healthcare. Partnering with Blackwell Captive Solutions further strengthens our commitment to delivering cost containment solutions that improve members’ health and financial well-being.”

In this transformative partnership, Blackwell Captive Solutions, a respected leader in the self-funded industry, serves as the channel partner, facilitating access to CirrusMD's virtual care services. Kari L. Niblack, President of Blackwell Captive Solutions, emphasizes the importance of physician-guided care, stating, "CirrusMD's unwavering commitment to on-demand, transparent, proactive care not only enhances patient outcomes, but also ensures sustainable cost management for healthcare stakeholders. We are thrilled to partner with ful.Health to deliver CirrusMD's virtual care."

Jamie Hall, President & CEO of CirrusMD, highlights the significance of a human-centered design approach, stating, "To realize virtual care's full potential, we need to integrate it seamlessly into healthcare. This model supports expanded Primary Care, delivering high-quality, empathetic, and accessible care for patients, efficiency for providers, and savings for plan sponsors."

This collaboration among CirrusMD, ful.Health, and Blackwell Captive Solutions promises improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and enhanced accessibility to quality care. Together, these industry disruptors are spearheading an important transformation in healthcare delivery, making physician-led virtual care a reality for everyone.

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CirrusMD is a virtual healthcare company delivering care that is instantly accessible, always informed, and directly connected to the patient’s longitudinal health record. We are solving three of healthcare’s most pervasive problems directly at the point of care: lack of access, lack of relevant information, and lack of care continuity. With a simple chat, our network of high-quality physicians is instantly accessible (<60 seconds), anytime (24/7/365), anywhere in the U.S. CirrusMD doctors are supported by our proprietary Clinical Intelligence Engine, which uses AI-based technology to mine the care encounter for underlying health risks, surface relevant benefit resources and update patient records via integration with a Quality Health Information Network (QHIN). To learn more, visit