Legal Soft Achieves Remarkable Milestone with Over 10,000 Applicants for Virtual Legal Assistant Roles

LOS ANGELES, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legal Soft, a leading provider of virtual legal staffing solutions for the legal industry, proudly announces that it has received over 10,000 job applications within a single month for positions for virtual legal assistants intended for U.S. law firms. This significant interest highlights the growing demand and acceptance of virtual professional services in the legal sector.

The surge in applications comes as Legal Soft expands its services to accommodate the increasing needs of U.S. law firms seeking competent and efficient virtual legal assistants. The majority of these applications were for the role of Intake Specialist, attracting 973 applicants, followed closely by the Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant with 816 applicants, showcasing the diverse needs of law firms today.

Top Applicants by Role:

Intake Specialist (English): 973 applicants
Bookkeeping VA (English): 816 applicants
Case Manager (English): 506 applicants
Legal Assistant (English): 512 applicants
Intake Specialist (Bilingual Spanish & English): 483 applicants

In a remarkable display of global reach, the applicants hail from various countries, with the Philippines leading with 4,437 applicants. This is followed by Mexico with 2,527 applicants, Colombia with 1,180, Nicaragua with 927, and Ecuador rounding out the top five with 296 applicants.

Top Applicant Countries:

Philippines: 4,437 applicants
Mexico: 2,527 applicants
Colombia: 1,180 applicants
Nicaragua: 927 applicants
Ecuador: 296 applicants

Legal Soft's CEO, Hamid Kohan expressed enthusiasm about the influx of applications: "We are thrilled with the response and excited about the potential to enrich U.S. law firms with talented and dedicated virtual legal assistants. This milestone not only signifies the trust in our company but also underscores the global workforce's readiness to engage in meaningful legal work."

Legal Soft remains committed to providing high-quality virtual assistant services to its clients and is excited about the potential growth and opportunities this surge in applications represents. The company continues to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing legal landscape, ensuring that both law firms and virtual legal assistants can achieve their full potential.

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About Legal Soft:

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