Launch with Legal Soft: Free 2024 Grad Kickstart Program Powered by Practice 360!

LOS ANGELES, May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legal Soft, a leader in legal technology and innovative business solutions, in collaboration with Practice 360, is excited to announce a new, comprehensive initiative designed for 2024 law graduates all over the United States. This program, offered entirely free of charge, aims to set aspiring lawyers on a path to success in the digital landscape of the legal profession.

Created by Practice 360, known for their cutting-edge tools and strategies, this suite includes:

  • Custom Website Development: Build your professional online presence with a bespoke website.
  • Social Media and Video Production: Boost your digital footprint with expert social media management and personalized video content.
  • Extensive Directory Registrations: Get listed in over 50 prestigious law directories to enhance your professional visibility.
  • Innovative E-Business Cards: Exchange contact information digitally with state-of-the-art e-business cards.
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profiles: Leverage the power of LinkedIn with a professionally optimized profile.
  • Featured Podcast Episode: Gain exposure by participating in a popular legal podcast, discussing your journey and insights.
  • Professional Photo and Video Shoots: Create a professional image with high-quality photos and videos.

"At Legal Soft, we're dedicated to helping new lawyers thrive in a competitive field," said Hamid Kohan, CEO at Legal Soft. "By partnering with Practice 360 to offer this suite for free, we are providing invaluable resources that new graduates need to excel from the outset. We encourage all 2024 law graduates to take advantage of this unique opportunity."

Enrollment is now open and free for all 2024 law graduates. This is your chance to start your legal career with a significant advantage.

For more information or to enroll in our complimentary program, please contact:

About Legal Soft

Legal Soft is a forefront player in the legal sector, providing unparalleled virtual staffing solutions and business expertise in various domains such as Personal Injury, Employment Law, and Immigration. Our collaboration with Practice 360 brings innovative strategies that propel law firms to new heights while maintaining cost efficiency. With Legal Soft, focus on your practice and let us handle the business aspects.