Tango Launches Global Choice Link, making it easy and awesome for businesses to deliver rewards, incentives, and other payouts globally

This single, simple, innovative product enables reward delivery in almost every country and more than 40 currencies

SEATTLE, May 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tango, a leader in the global digital rewards and payouts space, today launched an important new product called Global Choice Link. This game-changing solution offers recipients their choice of digital gift cards and prepaid cards instantly—without the operational headaches of managing complex geographic and currency management issues.

This launch represents a considerable leap forward for Tango—and the industry at large—in ease of use and global capabilities. Until now, sending rewards globally could be challenging even for well-established providers as they struggled to find attractive rewards in emerging countries, worked to localize language, managed unstable supply chains, and dealt with currency conversions. Global Choice Link removes these hassles for our business customers. With Global Choice Link, you send one product to recipients wherever they happen to be on the globe, and they have immediate access to rewards that are relevant and impactful for them.

Upon receiving the Global Choice Link, the recipient selects their country and currency and chooses from a relevant list of rewards available in their local area. This is simply awesome for the recipient.

“Our customers want their employees, customers, and other critical recipients to have an awesome experience with their reward, incentive, or payout, wherever they are in the world. Long gone are the days when a great catalog in the United States and a passable catalog everywhere else is acceptable. A true global reward solution is a clear mandate,” said Tango CEO David Leeds. “Now, our customers only need a recipient’s name and email, and they can send a true global reward with confidence. And they can rest assured they are working with a trusted global leader supporting all of this with patented technology and best-in-industry service.”

To learn more about Global Choice Link or request a demo, visit Tango’s website.

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