Epiq Expands Global Cyber Incident Response Offerings With Comprehensive Identity And Credit Monitoring Solutions

Partnering with CyEx, purpose-built cyber incident response solutions protect against financial, medical, and minor fraud

NEW YORK, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader to the legal industry and corporations, today announced a partnership with CyEx, a leading cyber incident response provider.

The partnership enables Epiq to offer specialty identity and credit monitoring solutions to protect contacts’ information with the most comprehensive credit and identity monitoring solutions available. This is the only full-service breach response solution to include advanced monitoring solutions tailored to protect against financial, medical, and minor fraud.

“Epiq’s resources and track record in cyber incident response are unmatched globally,” said Brandon Hollinder, Epiq’s Vice President of eDiscovery and Cyber Solutions. Epiq has successfully helped thousands of the largest global companies through complex data breach and incident response processes for more than a decade. Its cyber incident solutions include data mining, document review, notification list creation, precision mailings, dedicated contact centers, identity, and credit monitoring, as well as services to proactively prepare for cyber incidents and mitigate risk.

“Large scale outreach to extensive groups in short windows of time is an Epiq core competence perfected in years of class action, mass tort, bankruptcy settlement administration, and cyber incident response,” Hollinder said. “By minimizing breach damage and protecting affected contacts from fraud, we can help companies maintain brand trust and reduce the risk of class action litigation and higher insurance premiums and fines that follow. With CyEx’s monitoring solutions – which include credit, identity, financial, minor, medical, and privacy monitoring – we can go beyond traditional identity and credit monitoring to include advanced monitoring relevant to the information breached.”

Breach and incident response plans can now be enhanced with monitoring solutions relevant to the type of cyber incident or fraud. Epiq partnered with CyEx to provide data monitoring services spanning health care, credit, finance, and minors to monitor, alert, recover, and insure. CyEx is the leading identity protection data breach solution in the market dedicated to providing digital security to help law firms, insurance companies, settlement administrators, company owners, and risk managers to respond quickly and efficiently to data breaches.

CyEx’s portfolio of solutions is designed specifically for data breach events:

  • Medical Shield protects sensitive medical and health information with comprehensive medical data monitoring and alerts, including monitoring credit bureaus, health insurance plans, medical record numbers, and health savings accounts.
  • Financial Shield is an advanced identity and financial monitoring service with proactive alerts and expert fraud resolution support designed to protect financial assets.
  • Minor Defense provides identity protection for minors with industry-leading monitoring, verification alerts, and fraud resolution including parent/custodial controls, minor synthetic identity monitoring, and dark web monitoring.
  • Privacy Shield, CyEx’s newest product, is the only solution for affected individuals to hide user identity and reduce online footprint. Privacy Shield helps restore privacy and anonymity to victims of data misuse by concealing user identities and reducing online footprints, including VPN, password manager, dark web monitoring, data broker opt-out, and private web browsing. Privacy Shield, a global solution, is the only solution that is targeted toward providing restitution in the privacy litigation space.

“Together, we offer everything from credit solutions to specialized monitoring,” said Jerry Thompson, President of CyEx LLC. “We have seen Epiq consistently deliver timely and accurate services in stressful post-breach environments. CyEx has been on the leading edge of this industry for more than 20 years, and we’re constantly innovating to deliver services that meet ever-evolving needs. This partnership allows both CyEx and Epiq to provide added value and deeper protection beyond standard credit monitoring to as many victims as possible.”

Unique to the market, CyEx has prime contracts with all three credit bureaus, enabling single or multi-bureau credit monitoring available with zero latency. Clients can leverage Epiq’s mass purchasing power with credit bureaus and CyEx to avoid time-consuming contract negotiations by letting Epiq contract directly on their behalf to establish programs and generate millions of credit monitoring codes per day. Individuals affected by a breach can view real-time credit and identity fraud alerts on an online dashboard making the information easily accessible, easy to consume, and easy to act on.

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