JLab Unveils JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones: Redefining Kid-Friendly Audio Technology

Experience 65+ Hours of Playtime, All-Day Comfort and Volume-Safe Listening From the #1 Kids Headphone Brand in the U.S.

San Diego, CA, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JLab, a leader in personal technology, unveils the JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones, an innovative product designed specifically for kids that redefines audio experiences at an affordable price. The 2-in-1 wireless headphones seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to safety and comfort, solidifying JLab's position as the #1 kids' headphone brand in the U.S.*  

The JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones prioritize children's well-being without compromising on audio quality, comfort or enjoyment. With features such as volume-safe listening controls, with an 85 dB limit, kid-friendly design, all-day wear and Wireless Share Mode function, these headphones are crafted to meet the diverse needs of young ears and minds. Available in both a wired ($19.99) and wireless ($29.99) version in blue and pink, the new models are available at jlab.com, Amazon, Walmart, Target and other retailers in late May. 

"JLab has been at the forefront of the youth headphone market, pioneering affordable solutions that enhance every moment. With the JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones, we continue this legacy,” said Win Cramer, CEO of JLab. “The JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones are designed to provide a comfortable fit for users, ensuring they're not just adult headphones painted pink or adorned with oversized superhero stickers. Our commitment to safety is unwavering with a volume limiter to protect children's developing ears. As parents ourselves, we understand the significance of this market and strive to deliver nothing but the best for our kids and yours." 
Fosters Collaboration and Fun with Wireless Share Mode  
JLab’s JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones offer versatile connectivity options, allowing users to switch between wired or wireless modes. Connect wirelessly to a device for convenient headphone use or switch to wired mode by plugging into the USB-C port, perfect for scenarios when Bluetooth isn’t available or to conserve battery life, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.   
Additionally, JBuddies Studio 2 Wireless Headphones introduces a new innovative Wireless Share Mode, allowing two children to enjoy synchronized audio experiences from a single device. Whether watching a movie together at home, on a plane, or during a car ride, this feature promotes collaboration among young users, while simplifying logistical challenges for educators, caretakers and parents.

Protects Ears While Providing Unmatched Comfort 
Safety remains paramount with the JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones. Volume Safe technology caps volume levels at a child-friendly 85 dB, shielding delicate ears from harm, with an option to extend protection up to 95 dB mode for louder environments like airplanes. Comfort is equally prioritized, with Cloud Foam Comfort™ Cushions and a Cloud Foam headband providing plush, all-day wearability, complemented by an adjustable, foldable design for added convenience. The JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones are built for ages six to sixteen with smooth-sliding metal adjustments and feather-light build, ensuring a snug fit for all. 

Effortless Audio Experience and Intuitive Design  
Designed with young users in mind, JBuddies Studio 2 Headphones boasts intuitive earcup controls, empowering children to navigate their own audio experience effortlessly. From play and pause to volume adjustment and track selection, every function is accessible at the touch of a button, minimizing frustration and maximizing enjoyment. Plus, users can enjoy 65+ hours of battery life (40+ hours talk time) with Bluetooth 5.3 technology, ensuring uninterrupted learning and entertainment. 

Pricing and Availability: 
Available in both a wired ($19.99) and wireless ($29.99) version in blue and pink, the new models are available at jlab.com, Amazon, Walmart, Target and other retailers in late May. 

About JLab   
JLab imagines and delivers the personal technology products that consumers want. With our line of personal audio gear and office accessories, we’re innovating absolutely everything to make way better personal tech. Based in San Diego, we’ve been offering the right sound, the right features, and the right value since 2005. For more information, visit www.jlab.com.  


JLab announces new kids headphones Available in pink and blue