Ballad Health and Sevaro Health Partner To Revolutionize Stroke Care, Just In Time for Stroke Awareness Month

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- May is Stroke Awareness Month, and starting this May patients in the Appalachian Highlands region of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia will be able to receive the fastest response to stroke care. Ballad Health, a 20-hospital health improvement organization serving the mostly rural region, is entering into a strategic partnership with Sevaro Health, to integrate Sevaro's revolutionary teleneurology services into their emergency departments.

With Sevaro's OneCall™ system, Ballad Health is set to deliver the fastest stroke response times in the nation, ensuring patients have immediate access to highly trained vascular and neurocritical care neurologists when every second counts.

Ballad Health, uniquely created to address health disparities and outcomes in rural areas, remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and quality care. Its collaboration with Sevaro Health is a testament to Ballad Health's dedication to integrating state-of-the-art technology and specialized clinical expertise, aiming to substantially elevate the health services provided to the communities it serves.

A stroke patient in Southwest Virginia is smiling after successfully recovering from a stroke, thanks to the immediate medical attention she received via a teleneurologist

"As a native of Virginia, the opportunity to partner with Ballad Health is both a professional and personal honor," expressed Branden Robinson, Chief Growth Officer of Sevaro Health. “By choosing Sevaro as their system-wide teleneurology partner, it is clear that the leadership of Ballad Health wants to continue to offer the best level of neurological care for their patients.”

Sevaro Health is at the forefront of teleneurology, renowned for its exceptional 45-second response times and dedication to helping health systems scale their neurological services. As a neurologist-led virtual neurology company, Sevaro expertly addresses the challenges hospitals face, enabling them to concentrate on patient care rather than technology. Their proficiency in integrating with hospitals' existing EHRs, utilizing AI imaging platforms, and compatibility with current televideo software streamlines processes, enhancing the capacity of healthcare facilities to provide critical care promptly and efficiently.

“To provide healthcare in rural areas – already beset with challenges in geography and transportation, and now complicated by burgeoning shortages in certain physician specialties such as neurology and neurosurgery – we have to look at innovative, advanced solutions,” said Dr. Mark Wilkinson, MD, chief medical officer for Ballad Health’s digital health and hospital-based programs. “The ability to leverage technology and expertise, working alongside our partners with Sevaro, will create an environment where we can not only increase access to lifesaving healthcare, but improve it and further the overall well-being of our region.”

As we observe Stroke Awareness Month, Ballad Health and Sevaro Health are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the communities in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. We advocate for stroke education and the importance of rapid response, highlighting the B.E.F.A.S.T acronym as a vital tool for recognizing the signs of a stroke and what to do if you recognize them.

B - Balance: Watch for sudden loss of balance
E - Eyes: Check for vision loss or impaired vision
F - Face: Look for facial droop or uneven smile
A - Arm: Check if one arm is weak
S - Speech: Listen for slurred speech
T - Time: If you observe any of these signs, call 911 immediately

Together, we are elevating the standard of care and offering peace of mind that world-class stroke treatment is just a moment away.

About Sevaro Health
Sevaro Health stands at the forefront of the teleneurology and medical technology landscape, committed to delivering expert virtual neurological care that is rooted in compassion, collaboration, and data-driven telemedicine. Our services are designed to empower partner hospitals and healthcare systems, enhancing their capacity to provide superior neurological care and save lives.

At the heart of our innovation is Synapse 2.0, a game-changing solution in the world of virtual neurology. This technology streamlines acute care by connecting hospital staff directly to an on-call vascular neurologist within 45 seconds, bypassing traditional call centers.

Furthermore, Synapse 2.0 allows for seamless documentation, connection to EMRs, video platforms and imaging solutions like Brainomix, Rapid AI and Viz.AI. In emergency neurological care, where every second counts, this rapid response capability is not just innovative – it’s life-saving.

Our mission is driven by a commitment to empower patients by breaking down geographical barriers in access to healthcare. Through our pioneering approach and continuous innovation, Sevaro Health is redefining the standards of telemedicine and neurological care.

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