Catalogic Software's Latest DPX Ensures Flexible Immutability to Safeguard Data

DPX features vStor Snapshot Explorer, pre and post backup file validation, key advancements in security and flexibility

Paramus, NJ, May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Catalogic Software, a leading provider of secure data protection solutions, today announced the newest version of Catalogic DPX, the company’s enterprise data protection software, focusing on enhancements to the DPX vStor backup repository technology. This release introduces significant advancements in data immutability and recovery functionalities, and vStor Snapshot Explorer feature, all designed to bolster the security and flexibility of the company’s flagship enterprise backup solution.

DPX’s enhancements include immutability into vStor, empowering organizations to leverage existing infrastructure to implement software-defined immutability, avoiding the need for costly new hardware. This capability enables users to set immutable snapshots on both primary and replica backup targets, providing an affordable and flexible layer of data protection. With the vStor Snapshot Explorer feature, users can now directly access and recover files on snapshots stored in vStor, simplifying the recovery process and reducing recovery time during critical operations.

“Catalogic's mission is to simplify the backup, storage and protection of data. Catalogic DPX offers secure data protection and a unique platform with flexible, reliable and powerful features - paired with a simple and understandable licensing model. vStor's software-defined storage architecture is flexible and provides a hardware-independent storage infrastructure, giving you the freedom to choose any storage vendor/model/type,” said Michael Hecker, senior consultant, iS4IT. “Particularly noteworthy is the Catalogic support, the accessibility, the knowledge and friendliness of the employees and also the fast and uncomplicated support, even without long formalities and waiting times.”

“Ransomware and malware are an ongoing threat to businesses everywhere. Catalogic remains dedicated to advancing proactive security measures for our data protection customers. Our newest version of DPX is tailor made for today’s threat landscape,” said Pawel Staniec, CTO, Catalogic Software. “Robust, secure data backup plays a key role in restoring data post attack. Our vStor enhancements provide the ability to instantly recover and ensures our customers are equipped to swiftly bounce back from any cyberattack, even with today’s ever evolving threats."

DPX proactive pre-backup and post-backup security capabilities are now enhanced with the integration of DPX GuardMode into the vStor technology. Now DPX incorporates entropy checking of files in VMs to identify anomalies post-backup, with GuardMode offering both live and on-demand scanning capabilities.

For more details on Catalogic DPX and its newest features, please visit the DPX Product Page.

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