NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. to Present and Sponsors the Upcoming Augural ClimaTech 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts on June 3-5th, 2024

NANO Nuclear’s Executives to speak on the Global Energy Transition and the Role of Nuclear

New York, N.Y., May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NNE) (“NANO Nuclear”), an emerging vertically integrated microreactor and advanced nuclear technology company led by a world-class nuclear engineering team developing proprietary, portable, and clean energy solutions, is pleased to announce that it is one of the sponsor of the upcoming ClimaTech conference, to be held in several iconic venues in Boston Fenway Park on June 3-5, 2024.

James Walker, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Nuclear Reactor Development will participate in a series of discussions on Tuesday, June 4th. Mr. Walker will begin by examining “The Global Nuclear Renaissance” at the Challenge Stage alongside Jay Yu, President and Executive Chairman and Prof. Ian Farnan, Lead of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiation and Materials of NANO Nuclear. Following this, Mr. Walker will participate in “Fueling a Global Energy Transition,” an insightful forum on energy transition which will explore the diverse renewable energy sources driving the shift towards a sustainable future.

“I’m really looking forward to ClimaTech,” said James Walker, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Reactor Development of NANO Nuclear Energy. “The city of Boston offers a vibrant setting for this unique conference format. Being close to some of the world's leading universities, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with students, faculty, and business leaders from across the United States. I am confident that ClimaTech 2024 will be a memorable event for all participants.”

Figure 1 - NANO Nuclear Energy CEO and Head of Nuclear Reactor Development, James Walker, Executive Chairman and President, Jay Yu, and Prof. Ian Farnan, Lead of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiation and Materials, Will Participate in Speaking Engagements on June 4th at the ClimaTech 2024 Conference.

The ClimaTech conference gathers global experts, leaders, and innovators at the forefront of the climate revolution in the heart of Boston. In collaboration with Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, and the City of Boston, the program explores the emerging frontier where climate action meets economic opportunity. Key areas of focus include Artificial Intelligence, next-generation power grids, and the future of urban mobility.

Figure 2- NANO Nuclear Energy to Present and Sponsors ClimaTech 2024 in Boston on June 3-5, 2024

“There has been a lot of excitement around the industry lately and I expect to find a very engaged audience in Boston,” said Ian Farnan Ph.D., Lead of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiation and Materials of NANO Nuclear Energy. “There have been initiatives to commercialize microreactors and other advanced nuclear technology for many years, but I feel that we have turned a corner as a society and the momentum that has gathered behind not just NANO Nuclear but the entire industry, will help usher in a new age for nuclear energy.”

ClimaTech 2024 will feature multiple stages with action-oriented sessions led by prominent voices from the climate, sustainability, technology, and innovation sectors. Attendees will engage with representatives from esteemed institutions like MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and IBM. Key executives and leaders from major energy services, investment firms, and academic institutions will share their expertise in climate innovation, sustainable investment strategies, advanced fusion systems, and environmental research.

“The NANO Nuclear team is truly excited to participate in the ClimaTech conference,” said Jay Yu, Executive Chairman and President of NANO Nuclear Energy. “The diverse lineup of speakers, including Governor Healey and Mayor Wu, plans to deliver valuable insights into the intersection of climate technology, sustainability, and economic growth. These engaging discussions and forums offer a special opportunity for attendees to gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to combat climate change.”

About ClimaTech

The ClimaTech conference brings together expert thinkers, leaders and innovators from around the world, each at the cutting-edge of the climate revolution, to the heart of Boston. ClimaTech is for anyone concerned with action-oriented innovations, breakthrough science, technology and AI, and shifting culture and society towards radical change to tackle the climate crisis. 

About NANO Nuclear Energy Inc.

NANO Nuclear Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: NNE) is an emerging, advanced technology-driven nuclear energy company seeking to become a commercially focused, diversified, and vertically integrated company across four business lines: (i) cutting edge portable microreactor technology, (ii) nuclear fuel fabrication, (iii) nuclear fuel transportation and (iv) nuclear industry consulting services. NANO Nuclear believes it is the first portable nuclear microreactor company to be listed publicly in the U.S.

Led by a world-class nuclear engineering team, NANO Nuclear’s products in technical development are “ZEUS”, a solid core battery reactor, and “ODIN”, a low-pressure coolant reactor, each representing advanced developments in clean energy solutions that are portable, on-demand capable, advanced nuclear microreactors.

Advanced Fuel Transportation Inc. (AFT), a NANO Nuclear subsidiary, is led by former executives from the largest transportation company in the world aiming to build a North American transportation company that will provide commercial quantities of HALEU fuel to small modular reactors, microreactor companies, national laboratories, military, and DOE programs. Through NANO Nuclear, AFT is the exclusive licensee of a patented high-capacity HALEU fuel transportation basket developed by three major U.S. national nuclear laboratories and funded by the Department of Energy. Assuming development and commercialization, AFT is expected to form part of the only vertically integrated nuclear fuel business of its kind in North America.

HALEU Energy Fuel Inc. (HEF), a NANO Nuclear subsidiary, is focusing on the future development of a domestic source for a High-Assay, Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) fuel fabrication pipeline for NANO Nuclear’s own microreactors as well as the broader advanced nuclear reactor industry.

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