Urteste has successfully developed a prototype urine-based diagnostic test for detecting brain tumours

28 MAY 2024        PRESS RELEASE

Urteste has successfully developed a prototype urine-based diagnostic test for detecting brain tumours

Gdańsk, Poland 28 MAY 2024, Urteste S.A. (Warsaw Stock Exchange: URT) biotechnology company specialising in the development of breakthrough technology to detect cancer from urine samples has developed a prototype IVD test for detecting brain tumours. Urteste now has a pipeline of 12 prototype diagnostic tests for the following cancers: pancreatic, brain, breast, stomach, bile ducts, ovary, endometrial, kidney, colorectal, lung, liver and prostate accounting collectively for nearly 70% of all cancer deaths worldwide. In the coming months, Urteste plans to start a multi- centre clinical trial in the US and Europe for its flagship project PANURI, a test for pancreatic cancer.

Urteste’s breakthrough technology allows for early detection of cancer by measuring the activity of enzymes present in urine using proprietary synthetic peptides. One urine sample can be used to screen for many types of cancers. Urteste technology is non-invasive, low-cost to produce, has high sensitivity and specificity, and results are available in up to 2 hours. The diagnostic process is automated to minimize the likelihood of human error.

PANURI - the pancreatic cancer test is Urteste's flagship and most advanced project. Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst prognosis cancers. A proof-of-concept study of 322 participants confirmed the high sensitivity (95.6%) and specificity (95.5%) of the PANURI test. Urteste is currently undergoing an FDA Q-Submission programme.

“In recent years, we have worked intensively to develop our unique technology platform for the earlier detection of over a dozen of the most common cancers. As a result, we are now close to starting clinical trials for our flagship PANURI project. The Urteste cancer screen may be an add-on to established clinical procedures which typically includes a urine samples such as routine screening, patient management, drug development, clinical trials, and companion diagnostics said Grzegorz Stefański, CEO and co-founder of Urteste S.A.

In the MULTI-CANCER project, Urteste is developing a diverse portfolio of tests. The company already has prototypes of 12 diagnostic tests for the most common cancers. In the coming months, Urteste plans to add the final prototypes to its pipeline and complete the prototype development phase of the tests. The company will then focus on preparing for clinical trials.

Urteste holds polish patents and international patent applications for its technology. Urteste's patent strategy is to seek patent protection in countries that collectively generate around 90% of global GDP.

The Urteste Management Board will attend the BIO International Convention in San Diego, 3-6 June.

Urteste (Warsaw Stock Exchange: URT) specialises in developing breakthrough technology to detect cancer at early stages. Urteste's motto is Early cancer detection saves lives. The company's technology detects cancer by measuring the activity of enzymes present in urine. Urteste is developing tests for a dozen of the most common cancers. The Company's team is formed by managers with extensive experience in managing medical companies and scientists specialised in the areas of proteolytic enzymes and peptide chemistry.

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