HYPR Announces New Partnership with CrowdStrike to Expand its Trusted Integration Network

New integration with the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon platform strengthens authentication and access to stop identity threats in real time

NEW YORK, May 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HYPR, the Identity Assurance Company, today at Identiverse announced a technology alliance with CrowdStrike to help joint customers achieve a frictionless and secure identity experience across workstations and devices. The new integration combines data from HYPR Adapt with security telemetry from the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR platform, empowering organizations to make contextual access decisions and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and insider threats. Additionally, joint customers with CrowdStrike Falcon Identity Protection can invoke HYPR’s FIDO-certified MFA (multi-factor authentication) for risk-based conditional access to critical applications.

According to a recent HYPR report, 91% of breached organizations attributed credential misuse or authentication weaknesses as a root cause of at least one breach, inflicting an average cost of $5.48 million on affected organizations. Most authentication and identity security methods lack the additional context provided by the device posture information and user risk signals. As a result, organizations are only monitoring a single moment in time in the user journey and neglecting the vulnerable gaps that are created between internal and external access points, specifically between the device and web.

The combination of high-fidelity security telemetry from the Falcon platform along with identity provider, web and browser risk-engine verification data from HYPR, protects joint customers against identity assurance threats with:

  • Device and User Verification with Secure Access: HYPR will seamlessly integrate the CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) score – a calculation based on the security posture of the device with data from the HYPR Adapt risk engine, to determine the legitimacy of an access request. HYPR Adapt will correlate additional security telemetry from the Falcon platform against defined policies and other contextual factors such as the user’s physical location and workstation proximity, to determine the appropriate policy decision and dynamically adjust the authentication and/or verification requirements.
  • Frictionless Authentication Experience: Joint customers can leverage Falcon Identity Protection and extend their identity threat detection and response (ITDR) capabilities to challenge higher-risk users and devices with HYPR’s leading FIDO-certified multi-factor authentication, further reducing identity-related risks while making login faster and easier for trusted devices and users.

"At HYPR, we're laser-focused on revolutionizing access security with a passwordless future. This integration with CrowdStrike represents a significant leap forward in that mission. We are empowering organizations to implement truly risk-based access control, granting seamless access to trusted users while automatically mitigating risks associated with compromised devices," said Rich Gibsen, Vice President of Product Management at HYPR.

About HYPR
HYPR, the Identity Assurance Company, helps organizations create trust in the identity lifecycle. The HYPR solution provides the strongest end-to-end identity security, combining modern passwordless authentication with adaptive risk mitigation, automated identity verification and a simple, intuitive user experience. With a third-party validated ROI of 324%, HYPR easily integrates with existing identity and security tools and can be rapidly deployed at scale in the most complex environments. Additional information is available at hypr.com.

Fabienne Dawson