Gift-Giving Made Easy: Momcozy Breast Pumps Join Babylist

New York. NY, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exciting news for moms! The Momcozy Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump is now available on Babylist. Designed for stylish moms, the electric breast pump combines comfort, convenience, and portability. It allows moms to pump confidently anytime, anywhere. Mobile Style™ is ideal for the busy professional, the jet-setting adventurer, and the mom seeking some flexibility. It gives moms the freedom to nourish their little ones wherever life takes them.

Momcozy is an innovative brand and the trusted companion of over 3 million moms. It offers a comprehensive range of products for both mother and baby—from nursing essentials to baby gear—simplifying the lives of parents everywhere. With Momcozy, every mom can confidently navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood. 

Momcozy breast pumps—Mobile Style™, M5, and S12 Pro—give nursing mothers newfound convenience and freedom. They can express milk anytime, anywhere, without being tethered to one spot. The breast pumps provide mobility and flexibility at work, during travel, or when moms simply need a break. They increase milk production by emptying the breasts frequently and completely, causing the body to produce more milk.

The Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump offers freedom, comfort, and efficiency. It fits seamlessly inside any bra, allowing moms to move freely while expressing milk. It provides three suction modes and nine suction levels, letting moms customize their pumping experience to their preferences. On a full charge, the pump provides five to six pumping sessions.

Mobile Style™ has a DoubleFit™ flange made from food-grade liquid silicone and uses safe Tritan for worry-free milk storage. Moms can pour milk from the pump into a bottle or bag without spillage. Cleaning the pump is super easy as there are only four parts to disassemble and wash. 

The M5 Wearable Breast Pump empowers moms on their breastfeeding journey. They can pump milk anytime, anywhere. Its horizontal pumping angle mimics a baby’s natural suckling position for a pain-free experience. The model also has three suction modes and nine suction levels, and its Mixed mode combines vibration and pumping to loosen the ducts and drain up milk every time.

The S12 Pro Wearable Breast Pump provides comfort and efficiency. It features a DoubleFit™ flange for a snug fit, so moms can pump with confidence. It has a “baby mouth” lifelike suction and is discreet enough that moms can comfortably pump in public spaces. It also provides five to six pumping sessions on a full charge.

The Mobile Style™, M5, and S12 Pro breast pumps were also featured in Babylist’s showroom during their Mother's Day exclusive brand event. This collaboration highlights the commitment of both brands to providing innovative and convenient solutions for moms, making their lives a little easier and more comfortable every day.


Feeding a baby can feel like a full-time job. Momcozy’s wearable breast pumps offer convenience and help moms pump hands-free while juggling everything else. The brand always puts moms first and has listed its products on Babylist to make gift-giving effortless. With Momcozy and Babylist, moms can enjoy more freedom and support during their parenting journey.

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