Zend Coffee Rebrands as Zend Wellness and Launches MetaGlow Collagen

New supplement containing naturally derived ingredients promotes optimal health and wellbeing

ORLANDO, Fla., June 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zend Coffee, known for its finely roasted functional and classic coffees, announces it has become Zend Wellness, representing a greater emphasis on the health and wellness space and all products contributing to promoting optimal health and wellbeing through the use of functional ingredients. One such product is the brand’s new signature product launching today, MetaGlow™ Collagen.

The marine collagen peptide complex is sustainably sourced, sugar and caffeine free, with ingredients clinically supported to reduce weight, stress and the appearance of wrinkles and promote joint health*. Simply measure out one scoop of MetaGlow Collagen, add the unflavored powder to your favorite food or beverage, and enjoy!

“Adding a single scoop of MetaGlow Collagen to your daily routine simply becomes a habit, helping you look and feel your best,” said Jayson Miller, co-founder, Zend Wellness. “The science-backed collagen includes three trademarked ingredients clinically studied to support stress reduction, weight management, and healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints*.”

MetaGlow Collagen includes safe and high-quality ingredients backed by science for weight management*:

  • Dyglomera®, a patented natural extract of African spice fruit clinically tested to support weight management, metabolic balance, cardiovascular health, and antioxidant activity*;
  • Morikol®, a proprietary low molecular-weight marine collagen tripeptide sustainably sourced from tilapia clinically tested to support skin and joint health without the fishy taste or odor*;
  • Suntheanine®, a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea leaves to promote relaxation, improve mental clarity, and, when combined with coffee, spark a synergistic effect that boosts impact*;
  • MCT Oil, concentrated medium-chain triglycerides from the purest coconut oil to help boost energy, metabolism, and ketone production in support of weight management; and
  • Prebiotic Fiber, derived from Acacia Gum, a natural, soluble fiber to support digestive health and promote beneficial gut bacteria growth.

MetaGlow Collagen is available for individual purchase or through the company’s convenient monthly subscription service. To purchase MetaGlow Collagen or additional Zend Wellness products, visit www.zendwellness.com. For more information on Zend Wellness, please follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram @zendwellness.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. MetaGlow™ is designed to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise for optimal results.

About Zend Wellness:
Zend Wellness was created by Corkcicle founder, Ben Hewitt, in Orlando, Florida in 2022 when he joined forces with longtime friend, Jayson Miller, with the vision of creating premium products with real health benefits. Zend Wellness offers MetaGlow™ Collagen, formulated with quality ingredients clinically tested to support weight loss, reduce stress, and promote healthy hair, skin, and joints, and globally sourced premium coffee with functional ingredients to aid in recovery, promote clarity of mind, and encourage serenity in every day*. To find your Zend and learn more, visit www.zendwellness.com and follow Zend Wellness on Facebook and Instagram @zendwellness.

Media Contact
Lindsay Harden
Uproar PR for Zend Wellness