Billor Fulfills the American Dream by Turning Truck Drivers into Entrepreneurs with Fintech and AI

Freight and Fintech Platform adds AI-Driven Billor CoPilot; Helps Truck Drivers Maximize Earnings While Ensuring Compliance With Safety Requirements; New CEO Adds Muscle to Executive Team

ORLANDO, Fla., June 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Billor, fulfilling the American dream by turning truck drivers into entrepreneurs, today celebrated its emergence from stealth after completing its first year in the U.S. market. With a mission to make every truck driver an entrepreneur — and, in doing so, help many people pursue the American Dream — Billor is building the largest truck ecosystem in the U.S. through its verticalized and integrated freight and fintech platform. As part of its debut, Billor is announcing Billor CoPilot Platform and the appointment of new executive team members — CEO Vincent Goetten and COO Douglas Carstens. Designed with the driver in mind, Billor simplifies all the operational challenges to help maximize driver earnings while also ensuring safety compliance. Now, with the addition of Billor CoPilot to its digital platform and the new executive appointments, the company is well-positioned to push forward its vision to transform the trillion-dollar (growing 11% per year) and highly fragmented U.S. trucking industry for the benefit of drivers and small-fleet owners alike.

“Billor debuted in the U.S. market last April with a mission to democratize the transportation market by building the largest fleet of independent trucks,” said Jardel Cardoso, founder and chairman of Billor. “We accomplish this with our driver-centric model that provides a path to truck ownership for drivers, and by offering a fintech and freight management platform to simplify any ownership and operational challenges they may face.”

Jardel Cardoso - Founder and Executive Chairman

Jardel Cardoso - Founder and Executive Chairman

Last April, Billor introduced to the market its novel, lease-to-own model that enables drivers to own their trucks. With zero down payment and no residual costs, at the end of any given leasing period, drivers can officially own their very own asset. It offers comprehensive services for drivers to ensure their success, including sourcing trailers, finding freight, dispatching services, factoring, 24x7 customer service — it even provides financial aid for significant truck-related expenses and backup trucks for drivers that are dealing with accidents or long-term maintenance. With this model, Billor is applying the software industry’s customer success practice to helping truck drivers achieve success end to end, from securing freight to delivery and ensuring quick payment.

Billor CoPilot
With the introduction of Billor CoPilot, Billor expands its offerings to further assist drivers in achieving success. As an AI-driven platform, Billor CoPilot serves as the ultimate driving assistant, empowering drivers to maximize their earnings. It ensures compliance with rules and regulations, promotes safety and facilitates the timely collection of necessary documents for faster payment processing. Billor CoPilot offers the following features:

  • Optimize earnings. Drivers can compare their performance against peers (while fully respecting data privacy) to ensure they’re on top of their game. Billor CoPilot uses AI to recommend optimum routes to improve driver performance.

  • Fuel savings. Billor CoPilot delivers smart recommendations on when and where to stop for diesel so that drivers can take full advantage of Billor’s fuel-discount network.

  • Preventive and emergency maintenance. Billor CoPilot leverages AI to assist drivers in performing necessary maintenance at the optimal time and cost. This helps to prevent substantial expenses while on the road

  • Inspections made easy. Billor CoPilot helps drivers conduct thorough pre- and post-trip inspections using a step-by-step guide. It identifies parts that may need to be fixed or replaced, such as thread levels in their tires.

  • Hassle-free documentation to get paid faster. By leveraging Billor’s computer vision technology, drivers need only take a picture of documentation and the data will be validated and fully integrated with Billor’s back-end. This ensures drivers get paid faster and that errors are avoided during the billing process.

  • 24/7 support. Using the app, drivers can directly connect with Billor’s Customer Success team when a question or problem arises.

  • Smart assistance. Billor CoPilot’s Smart Assistant helps drivers ask the right questions about their truck. The assistant knows exactly which truck the driver is driving, maintenance history, reports from the telemetry system, etc.

  • Telemetry integration. Billor CoPilot is fully integrated with truck telemetry, so Billor can alert and notify the driver about anything that is happening with the truck. 

  • Billor CoPilot leverages advanced AI capabilities to identify potential safety issues, continuously enhancing safety for the driver and everyone on the road.

“I’ve been driving a truck in the U.S. for over four years, and I’ve never seen a value proposition for drivers like Billor’s proposal,” said Renato de Oliveira. “At Billor, I only worry about driving safely because I know they take care of everything else for me.”

Billor founder puts in motion opportunity for immigrants to pursue American Dream
Cardoso has a strong background in building successful B2B2B and B2B2C companies in Brazil. Prior to founding Billor, Cardoso founded Versi and CredPago, the latter of which he sold for $0.7 billion before turning his attention to the fragmented U.S. trucking industry. With Billor, Cardoso uses technology to empower the driver and focus on their success — specifically, the immigrant driver’s success, as more than 80% of the company’s drivers have immigrated to the United States to pursue their dreams.

Jardel Cardoso and Vincent Goetten

Jardel Cardoso, founder and Executive Chairman, along with Vincent Goetten, CEO

Cardoso’s vision is being shepherded by newly appointed CEO Vincent Goetten and COO, Douglas Rauen Carstens Neto. Together, they are poised to help take the company into its next phase of growth. In fact, under their leadership, the company is on track to expand its fleet to nearly 300 trucks by the end of 2024 and at least 5,000 by 2028, when the company plans to surpass the $1.5 Billion dollars mark in revenue.

“Billor merges fintech innovations with freight management and AI to deliver a truly unique experience for today’s drivers,” said Goetten. “We’re dedicated to focusing on what makes them successful, from providing easy access to truck ownership with favorable financial terms, to offering comprehensive freight management with low fees and robust support. With the addition of Billor CoPilot, Billor is taking the next step in fulfilling its mission to transform the market, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Vincent Goetten - CEO

Vincent Goetten, CEO

First Truck Company to Be 100% Carbon Neutral
Heavy duty vehicles account for less than a quarter of all diesel vehicles, but are responsible for upwards of 80% of black carbon emissions. Black carbon is the second largest contributor to climate change after CO2. It stays in the atmosphere for weeks before falling into rain or snow. Billor is committed to reducing that environmental impact by using technology to monitor the trucks. At least monthly, Billor generates a total report of emissions for the period and carries out the procedure for “withdrawal” of credits to neutralize carbon emissions. In addition to the reporting, they take a series of measures to contribute to reducing spending on fossil fuels.

About Billor:
Billor, short for 'Bill of Rights,' introduces innovative and scalable solutions to the one-trillion-dollar and highly fragmented trucking industry, empowering drivers to achieve the American Dream through entrepreneurship. Operating as both a freight and fintech platform, Billor enables drivers to become owner-operators. With Billor, drivers can focus on what matters most—ensuring the safety and efficiency of freight delivery. Meanwhile, the platform simplifies the complexities of logistics and finance, managing all other operational and financial needs.

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