Aeroflow Health Announces its Participation at America's Health Insurance Plans’ AHIP 2024 Flagship Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

Aeroflow’s Chief Medical Advisor to Lead a Discussion on Quality and Access to Care at the National Trade Association's Event in June

ASHEVILLE, N.C., June 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aeroflow Health, a pioneering healthcare company that leverages cutting-edge technology to support the delivery of medical products and services, today announced its attendance and participation in the AHIP 2024 conference. The annual event from AHIP, the nation’s leading health plan trade association, brings together health care experts and industry thought leaders from across the country to discuss the future of healthcare, along with emerging trends and innovations in care. Aeroflow’s Chief Medical Advisor Mike Cantor, MD, JD, will lead a session on Wednesday June 12th, 2024 at 4:45 p.m. PT titled, Building Equity Bridges: Integrating Network and Tech to Drive Improved Outcomes, where a panel will discuss how to bridge the gap in care for underserved patients.

AHIP membership includes health insurance companies who offer coverage through employers, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid managed care, and more. Joining Dr. Cantor in the discussion will be Aeroflow’s Jennifer Jordan, Vice President of the Mom & Baby Division. Additional panelists include Moses Adedoyin, Director of Venture Design and Innovation at GuideWell, Brittany Melhado, Lead Strategist and Solution Consultant at Guidewell, Susan Jang, Lead Strategist, Venture Design & Innovation at GuideWell, and Anne Wanlund, Co-founder and CEO of Canopie. The conversation will identify the ways in which technology and advanced analytics can be used to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies that ultimately drive equitable outcomes.

“Aeroflow Health is dedicated to providing patients with high-quality products, resources and education to ensure success in their healthcare journey and to collaborating with our health plan partners. We look forward to an important discussion on how a partnership between GuideWell Health, the health plan and solutions company, Aeroflow Health, and Canopie, provider of maternal mental health supports, can more effectively help expectant and new moms, leading to a better maternal journey. Specifically, the partnership between Aeroflow, GuideWell and Canopie improved physical and mental health outcomes by addressing healthcare equity issues and addressing challenges with efficient access to resources,” said Dr. Mike Cantor, Chief Medical Advisor at Aeroflow Health. “It was possible to scale this intervention because Aeroflow emphasizes using technology to more effectively engage pregnant people and new moms by personalizing patient interactions and streamlining access to care. For our health plan partners, this enhanced member engagement leads to elevated program participation, new data insights, and overall better satisfaction rates and enrollment rates that allow them to achieve their goals while meeting the needs of the populations they serve.”

Aeroflow Health provides a portfolio of solutions for patients across multiple categories including each unique stage of motherhood, urology and incontinence care, sleep and CPAP essentials, and diabetes supplies. Attend our session and meet with our team to learn more about their core medical equipment offerings and services, and how they utilize technology to improve the patient experience.

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Founded in 2001, Aeroflow Health is a pioneering healthcare company that leverages cutting-edge technology to support the delivery of medical products and services. With a steadfast commitment to empowering patients and improving their understanding of benefits, Aeroflow Health provides a curated experience for every individual and group. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products, Aeroflow Health is dedicated to enhancing health outcomes and closing care gaps, ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve. Aeroflow’s commitment to accessible healthcare has resulted in partnerships with over 1000 different insurance plans, solidifying its reputation as a trusted healthcare companion, and making quality healthcare more accessible to all. For additional information, please visit

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