Correlate Energy Enters Landmark Partnership for an Estimated $400M Project to Launch Nation’s First Microgrid Utility

BOISE, Idaho, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Correlate Energy Corp. (OTCQB: CIPI) (“Correlate” or the “Company”), in collaboration with Compass Energy Platform and Distributed Energy Capital (DEC), is proud to announce its role in developing the nation's first microgrid utility. This landmark initiative represents a major advancement in adopting renewable utility infrastructure, ensuring reliable and resilient clean energy.

Cuyahoga County formed Cuyahoga Green Energy (CGE), which is spearheading this innovative project, marking the first new county utility in over 75 years. This initially involves developing four microgrids, totaling approximately $400 million, with opportunities for follow-on initiatives. These microgrids will serve as small-scale local electricity systems capable of operating independently from the main grid, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of clean and reliable energy to multiple interconnected customers.

Compass Energy Platform has been selected as the operational and strategic partner responsible for managing the utility's operations, including technical standards, customer billing, and project financing. Under a 10-year contract approved by the Cuyahoga County Council, they will serve as the primary utility operator. Distributed Energy Capital, operated by Correlate, will provide financial and technical development services that support the partnership by structuring near and long-term project financing. Correlate will serve as the co-development partner, collaborating with Compass Energy and Cuyahoga County to ensure the successful execution and scalability of the microgrid projects.

A seemingly small issue can have a massive impact on the grid's resilience. On August 14, 2003, a transmission line fault in Ohio, caused by contact with a tree, triggered one of the largest power outages in North American history, leaving over 50 million people across eight states and Ontario in the dark. Reflecting on the lessons learned, the current project aims to construct a resilient and reliable energy infrastructure to ensure communities like Cuyahoga County are better prepared for future power disruptions. This initiative enhances grid reliability and promotes sustainable growth through advanced technology and strategic partnerships. Leveraging Microgrids to address reliability, funded by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) under public-private partnerships, aligns community needs with capital requirements, bringing these critical projects to life.

The Cuyahoga County Microgrid Utility is designed as a model that can be replicated across other U.S. markets, showcasing a scalable approach to addressing climate change through community-level renewable energy solutions. The teams have begun discussions with other municipalities to explore similar microgrid partnership models. Unlike traditional microgrids, CGE’s project will serve multiple interconnected customers, including commercial, industrial, and later, government and community loads. This ensures a strategic and efficient use of shared resources like solar panels and batteries.

The first microgrid projects are expected to reach key development milestones by 2025. The Utility is part of Cuyahoga County’s larger strategic focus on renewable energy and community resilience. This project is poised to support economic growth and re-industrialization in the Cleveland metro region by providing clean and reliable energy. The development of district microgrids will enhance community resilience and foster sustainable growth.

I am thrilled to see the culmination of our team's historical experience in executing a project of this magnitude at the district level," said Todd Michaels. "This initiative addresses a significant problem by providing resilient energy solutions for this county and opens up tremendous opportunities for our company to meet similar needs across North America.”

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